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Training Programs

Gold Centennial Sea Scout Award

The Gold Centennial Sea Scout Award is available for all Sea Scouts and Leaders to earn in 2012. To learn more about this opportunity and special Centennial Electives, please view the Gold Centennial Sea Scout Order Form Packet.

National Water Safety Congress Honors Sea Scout Centennial

Presentation by National Water Safety Congress to National Commodore Charlie Wurster and National Sea Scout Director Keith Christopher honoring the 100th Anniversary of the Sea Scouts


National Safe Boating Council Salutes the Centennial of Sea Scouts

Presentation by National Safe Boating Council to National Commodore and National Sea Scout Director honoring the 100th Anniversary of the Sea Scouts.

National Safe Boating Council


California Assembly Honors Sea Scout Centennial

The California Assembly honored the 100th Anniversary of Sea Scouts at the International Boating & Water Safety Summit on March 5, 2012.

California is the first state to honor the Sea Scout Centennial.

Representative from State of California presenting resolution from the California Legislature Assembly to Charlie and Keith saluting the 100th Anniversary of the Sea Scouts

Representative from State of California presenting resolution from the California Legislature Assembly to National Sea Scout Director Keith Christopher and National Commodore Charlie Wurster, saluting the 100th Anniversary of the Sea Scouts.

Boy Scouts of America National Executive Board Honors Sea Scout Centennial

The National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America passed the following Resolution Honoring the Sea Scout Centennial, February 8, 2012, on the 102nd Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.




WHEREAS, Arthur A Carey founded Sea Scouts in the United States in 1912, with the Boy Scout Training Ship Pioneer in Boston, and 


WHEREAS, for 100 years Sea Scouts has provided young people with positive opportunities through hands-on maritime experiences, and 


WHEREAS, Sea Scouts has championed responsible boating to guard against water accidents, and 


WHEREAS, Sea Scouts has partnered with civic organizations promoting safe boating, environmental conservation and community service and 


WHEREAS, Sea Scouts has inspired American youth to join maritime industries and competitive sailing, and 


WHEREAS, thousands of Sea Scouts have served in the US military and defended their country, and 


WHEREAS, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz stated that forty percent of the men under his command in World War II had been Scouts, who had won sixty percent of the decorations for valor, and 


WHEREAS, Sea Scouts in America host many Sea Scout competitive and safety training events throughout the United States. 


NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby 


RESOLVED that the Executive Board of the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, hereby congratulates and salutes the Sea Scouts on their Centennial for providing leadership and positive opportunities for America’s youth. 








The Centennial Boatswain's Pipe, laser imprinted with the First Class Anchor, is availble for purchase from SG Trading Post.





The Chairman of the 2012 William I. Koch International Sea Scout has announced the selection of Kim Houton as the event Boatswain and Matt Gorman as the Boatswain's Mate.

Western Region Selects 2012-2013 Boatswain and Boatswain's Mate-

The National Sea Scout Support Committee and the Western Region Commodore, Glen Meskimen, are pleased to announce the selection of Parker Smith (San Rafael, CA) as Western Region Boatswain and Lila DeTreaux (Princeville, HI) as Western Region Boatswain's Mate.

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2012LongCruiseBadgeIRVING, Texas - When Eagle Sea Scout Paul Siple returned from Antarctica, the National Sea Scout Committee presented him with a Special Long Cruise Award; the border around the patch was gold instead of the standard red.  This year the National Sea Scout Committee has authorized the reissue of this historic emblem in celebration of the Sea Scouts, BSA Centennial.

The Centennial Long Cruise badge may be awarded to any Sea Scout or Sea Scout adult leader who meets the Long Cruise requirements during the 2012 Centennial year (January 1 – December 31, 2012).  The badge may be continually worn after 2012 by those who have earned this special recognition.

The Centennial Long Cruise Badge is available for purchase after January 1, 2012 at The Ship's Store.  Sales of the badge will be discontinued at the end of 2012.

10-23-2011 21-46-09
IRVING, Texas - The National Sea Scout Committee has directed the Web Site Task Force to design and develop a new official web site for the U.S. Sea Scout Community.  The new web site will utilize the latest in onlnne technology to deliver useful and timely information to Sea Scouts, leaders, parents, and local council professionals.

The new website will model the look and feel of the official BSA web site,, while retaining a distinct Sea Scouts, BSA image and functionality.  Users will notice new features like central calendaring for Sea Scout events and a useful live search feature that makes finding information on the site easy and hassle-free.

The beta version of the new site will be introduced to the publi on November 1, 2011 at  Both the existing and new beta sites will be maintained concurrently until the beta testing is complete.  Eventually the new site will be accessed solely through

SAN FRANCISCO - USCGS Yerba Buena Island.  Over 200 area Sea Scouts participated in the annual Safety at Sea Weekend at the US Coast Guard Station Yerba Buena Island.

Safety at Sea provide Sea Scouts with remarkable opportunities to gain hands-on experience in critical safety-related situations.  From dewatering and damage control, to emergency signaling and firefighting, the Safety at Sea events are designed to challenge the Scouts in a safe and fun enviornment.  "Our Scouts are learning important life-saving skills at our event" says Carl Shellhorn, Skipper of the Sea Scout Ship Chaser (Napa, CA), "we're confident that if they have to face onboard emergency situations, they are are better equipped and skilled to handle those emergencies."

Safety at Sea started in San Francisco in 1993.  Since that time, S@S has been replicated in Texas, New London, Baltimore, San Diego and Hawaii, to name a few venues.  The training focuses on hands-on activites, because the first time a sailor launches a flare should not be in an actual emergency.  

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News and information from the National Sea Scout Support Committee.