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Boy Scouts of America National Executive Board Honors Sea Scout Centennial

The National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America passed the following Resolution Honoring the Sea Scout Centennial, February 8, 2012, on the 102nd Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.




WHEREAS, Arthur A Carey founded Sea Scouts in the United States in 1912, with the Boy Scout Training Ship Pioneer in Boston, and 


WHEREAS, for 100 years Sea Scouts has provided young people with positive opportunities through hands-on maritime experiences, and 


WHEREAS, Sea Scouts has championed responsible boating to guard against water accidents, and 


WHEREAS, Sea Scouts has partnered with civic organizations promoting safe boating, environmental conservation and community service and 


WHEREAS, Sea Scouts has inspired American youth to join maritime industries and competitive sailing, and 


WHEREAS, thousands of Sea Scouts have served in the US military and defended their country, and 


WHEREAS, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz stated that forty percent of the men under his command in World War II had been Scouts, who had won sixty percent of the decorations for valor, and 


WHEREAS, Sea Scouts in America host many Sea Scout competitive and safety training events throughout the United States. 


NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby 


RESOLVED that the Executive Board of the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, hereby congratulates and salutes the Sea Scouts on their Centennial for providing leadership and positive opportunities for America‚Äôs youth. 


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