Seabadge Underway Course Director's Training

Local SBU course directors will be selected within a region in the same manner course directors are selected for a Seabadge conference. The National Sea Scout Director can appoint course directors for SBU training courses with regional or council approval. Once approved by a region or council, the local SBU course director or region must apply to the National Sea Scout Director for authorization to conduct a SBU class. Once the course is approved, tests, student workbooks, and other materials will be sent to the course director.

The SBU course director must possess nautical, Sea Scout program and administrative skills. There must also be at least one assistant course director. One member of the team could be heavy on nautical skills and the other administrative skills.

Requirements to be a Seabadge Underway Course Director

  1. Possesses a Council Operator Certificate in conformance with the "New BSA Safe Boating/Sailing Standards for vessels owned and operated by the Boy Scouts of America" dated November 28, 1994.
  2. Must have 365 days at sea since age 14 on any vessel.
  3. Must have 90 days at sea on a vessel at least 35 ft. in length.
  4. Must have at least five years of Sea Scout adult leadership experience.
  5. Completed USCG Auxiliary or United States Power Squadrons advanced navigation courses or military navigation courses or the equivalents OR USCG Master's License.
  6. Must have a college degree in business administration, public administration, or experience as an administrator or supervisor.
  7. Completed Seabadge Training.
  8. Completed the SBU Course Director Training Course.
  9. Be a trainer of known ability.
  10. Be knowledgeable of the practices, policies, and procedures of the Boy Scouts of America and dedicated to seeing that they are effectively carried out.
  11. Completed BSA hazardous weather training.
  12. Completed Venturing Youth Protection Training.
  13. Completed BSA Safety Afloat Training.
  14. Completed BSA Safe Swim Defense.
  15. Completed BSA Trainer's Edge.
  16. Hold a current basic first aid and CPR training certificate.
  17. Must be able to swim 200 meters.
  18. Must pass a BSA medical examination and certified for high adventure activities.  BSA medical form available at:
  19. Must pass all exams, written and practical with a score of 80% or better.

Uniform Requirements

Students and course staff will be in Sea Scout working uniform at all times. The course director will utilize the national Sea Scout adult leader khaki work uniform (or the New Century uniform) with either short or long pants and will provide students with a list of required uniforms and personal equipment in advance of their arrival. A list of personal equipment required for the course will be furnished to the student when the course director customizes the Student SBU Manual for his or her course. Students will bring a dress white or blue uniform as set out in the Sea Scout Manual or if not a Sea Scout leader, a dress uniform as set out in the Scout Manual.

Course Schedule

The next course will be offered October 18, 2014- October 26, 2014 at theMaryland Yacht Club, 1500 Fairview Beach Road, Pasadena, Maryland. Cost: $400.00 per participant.


Application Process

The register download the Seabadge Underway Course Director Certification Flyer Maryland October 2014.  For more information Contact Jim Elroy, National Sea Scout Training Coordinator, Email: .

Course Application Deadline Calculator

 The National Sea Scout Support Committee must receive requests to host a Seabadge Underway Course at least 9 months in advance of the anticipated course date. The earliest course date for applications received today will be:

November 8,2016