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To get underway when alongside port side to the dock and wind on the starboard beam, use a spring line and set engines ahead slow and turn the rudder ___ full. This will cause the stern to move into the wind.


When a fire alarm is sounded on a vessel underway, the OOD should order the helmsman to


an aid to navigation on a chart reads {F1 3sec "G-5" 30 ft 3M} This means the aid to navigation flashes every 3 seconds, has the notation G-5 painted on it, is 30 feet tall and has a light 3 meters off the water


a 27 foot sailing vessel underway at night must exhibit sidelights of red and green, or a red, green, white tri-color light; the green light is visible on which side of the vessel?


If you meet another vessel head on in a channel and wish to pass port to port, you should


You are the OOD on a 40' power vessel with a single screw You wish to get underway, and you have a larger power vessel about 10 feet forward of your bow and another vessel 10 feet aft of your stern You are alongside with your port side to the pier You should cast off all lines and


Preparation for an accident prevention plan includes


When converting from Zulu time to Zone time, you must advance time by one hour for a specific number of degrees of longitude you move east from the Prime Meridian. What is that number if degrees?


A power vessel underway in sight of your power vessel, in meeting situation within 1/2 milef your vessel, sounds seven short blasts. They


A powerboat at anchor in the fog will sound


Preferred channel markers are always numbered


Safe swim defense involves all but which of the following principles


Due to the small sixe, when operating a 12' rowboat, you do not need to have a type I, II or III life jacket on board


When approaching a dock with a small sailing vessel under sail only with the main sail up


If a person is lost over the side of a 44' power vessel on the starboard side, the helmsman should immediately


A correct command to the helm would be


You wish to set a line to keep your boat from moving forwardinto the dock. You would set the line


While sailing a 25' sailboat in 12 knots of wind, if the wind suddenly increases to 18 and is building, you should


A good source for a vessel safty check is


Before you begin to fuel your boat, you should


A power vessel underway in a fog will sound


A vessel is considered to be proceeding from seaward when proceeding:


You are the OOD on a 40' power vessel underway A vessel is approaching you and crossing right to left (your starboard abeam) You must


A 40' sailboat must have onboard


Two power driven vessels are approaching each other in a channel, head to head. The stand vessel is

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