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The best bottom condition to set an anchor is


You are a power vessel. You are approaching another vessel that sounds a horn signal of three short blasts. That vessel is preparing to:


With a magnetic compass, the card in the compass will move to indicate a new magnetic course


When using the marine radio, you hear the word SECURITY. This means the operator is broadcasting a safety message related to


You are a power vessel underway. You are on a course of 020 M. You wish to change course slowly and proceed directly east. The proper command to the helm is


A power driven vessel is operating in the fog. What signal will they sound while underway and making no way?


The ship's compass has readings from 000 to 360. When expressing the compass headings always give the heading in


If your vessel is 20 feet or longer, you must display a placard that describes materials that cannot be dumped over the side


A power vessel engaged in iderwater operations (restricted ability to maneuver) has the right of way over a vessel that is not under command.


To secure a small rope to the boght of a larger rope, you would use


A power vessel underway in a fog will sound


Water skiers have right of way in an anchorage or channel.


A device used to give mechanical advantage when recovering anchor rode is a


A pair of markers, orange with white stripe vertical down the middle, with one marker behind and above the other marker, is most likely a ___ marker


A pair of markers with one marker behid and above the other is orange with a vertical white stripe down the middle. These markers are:


If you are in the water and see a solid green light moving left to right, you are looking at


You are underway and the lookout reports another vessel 20 degrees relative, 10 minutes later, the vessel is still at 22 degrees relative and getting closer. This vessel


The minimum tensile strength of a rope on a vessel is


You are alongside with your port side to the dock in a 25' sailboat. The wind is at 10 knots on the port abeam. There is no obstruction on your starboard side. You cast off all lines and order all ahead dead slow and rudder___.


One of the purposes of a thimble is to


To extinguish a fire caused by burning gasoline, you would us a ___ fire extinguisher


You are the OOD on a 40' power vessel. You are approaching another vessel that sounds a horn signal of three short blasts. They are preparing to


The word PAN PAN when used on a VHF radio means


The type of fire you are not likely to need to be concerned with ou your Sea Scout vessel is


When anchoring for the evening under normal conditiong, use a scope of

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