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You are a power vessel. You are approaching another vessel that sounds a horn signal of three short blasts. That vessel is preparing to:


You are the OOD on a 40' power vessel underway A vessel is approaching you and crossing right to left (your starboard abeam) You must


A relative bearing is different for each ship


You are the OOD on a 40' Sea Scout sailboat underway under sail only during the day. You are on course 005. Your lookout reports a power vessel approaching you at a speed of 10 knots on a relative bearing of 177. Under rules of the road you must


Two power driven vessels are approaching each other bow to bow in a channel. One vessel sounds six short blasts. They intend to


A Fid is a tool used to seperate rope strands and does the same job as a Marlinspike.


When preparing to job the boat, one of the first things to do is to


In an emergency, a ship may use charcoal as a heat source inside the vessel provided that the charcoal is well contained in a BBQ so there is no chance of fire


You are operating a power vessel in a channel. A power vessel behind you sounds one short blast. This vessel intends to pass on your


A Marlinspike is


To use a fire extinguisher, you must first


GPS can plot a course with more accuracy than you can manualy, however, the good navigator always plots a course manually because


Dry chemical extinguishers are filled with powder, usually biocarbon ate and pressurized with


The most common cause of boating accidents, according to the USCG, is


The best device to hold line securely but release is quickly would be a


The relitive bearing that is approximately 22 degrees to the right of the bow looking forward is called


You are operating a Hobie Cat 16 (actual measurement 16' 3") sailboat alone. This boat is designed to be knocked down and is easily brought upright. You are required to waer a life jacket, but you must also have a


Which of the followingis an example of the correct use of the term "knot"?


You are the OOD on a 40' power vessel underway in a channel. You see a vessel displaying a black conical shape in the rigging with apex down. This vessel is


Law requires you to have ___ aboard a 35' vessel


When tackles are to be used where there is a chance of unhooking, the hooks should be


Preferred channel markers are always numbered


Due to the small sixe, when operating a 12' rowboat, you do not need to have a type I, II or III life jacket on board


If you see a waterspout while underway, the recommended course of action is to


You are the OOD on a 40' Sea Scout power vessel underway in daylight at 10 knots on course 005. Your lookout reports another vessel approaching your vessel at a range of 200 meters at relative bearing 085. Under the rules of the road, you must

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