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A power vessel underway in a fog will sound


A document that tells the crew their duties and positions in an emergency is called


You are the OOD on a 40' Sea Scout power vessel underway in daylight at 10 knots on course 005. Your lookout reports another vessel approaching your vessel at a range of 200 meters at relative bearing 085. Under the rules of the road, you must


Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort developed a scale to measure wind in the 1850's; his scale went from zero to


When returning from sea, as you enter the channel, a green day marker should appear on your


A Sea Scout ship has signed up for a SeaScout Rendezvous and paid a deposit. As the ship prepares to get underway, they receive a storm warning that predicts bad weather for two days. The ship should


You are the lookout on a power vessel underway. You see two lights on another vessel in the rigging in a vertical line, red over green. This vessel is:


A Station Bill is a written document that


A small craft warning indicates wind speeds of at least ___ knots


If the lettering on a chart next to an aid to navigaion is slanted, the marker is


When returning from sea, the first channel marker number you should see on your right side is


When approaching a dock with a small sailing vessel under sail only with the main sail up


A red and white vertically striped marker is most likely what type of marker?


If you are alongside with port side to the pier and a 20 knot wind on your starboard, and you wish to get underway, you may use your spring line and turn your rudder to the ___ and drive forward This will turn your stern to the right away from the pier and allow you to then back into the wind


When anchoring for the evening under normal conditiong, use a scope of


Plain laid rope is


The most widly used anchor on a small craft is


A flag flown from shore, square in shape with a black square in the center, indicates


One purpose of a thimble is to


Rudder commands are given in terms of


a 27 foot sailing vessel underway at night must exhibit sidelights of red and green, or a red, green, white tri-color light; the green light is visible on which side of the vessel?


When starting an outboard engine,


A red over green horizon al striped marker is:


The standard ratio of length of anchor rode to vertical depth of water in normal conditions is


When converting from Zulu time to Zone time, you must advance time by one hour for a specific number of degrees of longitude you move east from the Prime Meridian. What is that number if degrees?

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