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A type IV Coast Guard approved device must be carried on vessels that exceed


The most widly used anchor on a small craft is


Two power driven vessels are approaching each other bow to bow in a channel. One vessel sounds six short blasts. They intend to


Clouds that are spread out, flattened or covered with a layer are called


Two sailboats under sail only are on the same tack and are at risk of collision. Which is stand on?


The Marine VHF Emergency Channel is


a line that is used to keep the boat from moving forward or backwards is called


You are the OOD on a 40' power vessel underway at a speed of 10 knots on a course of 005M. Your lookout reports a sailing vessel approaching your vessel at a relative bearing of 270, range 300 meters. The sailing vessel is displaying a black conical shape in the rigging with the apex pointed down. Your vessel


A forty foot boat should carry at least ___ anchors.


When tackles are to be used where there is a chance of unhooking, the hooks should be


The US Coast Guard has determined that the most common cause of small boat accidents is


A marker appears in a channel that is red over green horizontally striped. This marker is




You are a power vessel underway. You are on a course of 020 M. You wish to change course slowly and proceed directly east. The proper command to the helm is


You are the OOD on a 40' sailboat underway under sail only on a course of 005M at a speed of 6 knots. The wind is coming from a relative direction of 070. Your lookout reports another sailing vessel under sail only approaching your vessel from a relative bearing pf 300 degrees just off port bow at a range of 300 meters. Under the rules of the road, your vessel


A single side band marine radio may deliver messages for ranges up to


On a chart, the differenct between true north and magnetic north is called


You are operating a power boat in a channel. Another power boat approaching you head on sounds two short blasts. This vessel intends to pass you


A type V life jacket is approved for Scouting activities


A vessel displaying a red over green light at night is most likely


You wish to set a line to keep your boat from moving forwardinto the dock. You would set the line


You are a power vessel underway A vessel is approaching and crossing right to left (your starboard abeam) You must:


You are the lookout on a sailing vessel. You see a vessel with a black cylinder in the rigging. This vessel is:


Safety aboard a vessel includes many things- rules, equipment, judgement, skill, preperation, foresight and practice


Navigation lights on vessels provide information about

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