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You are the lookout on a power vessel underway. You see two lights on another vessel in the rigging in a vertical line, red over green. This vessel is:


Due to the small sixe, when operating a 12' rowboat, you do not need to have a type I, II or III life jacket on board


The system of buoys in the United States is called


The standard ratio of length of anchor rode to vertical depth of water in normal conditions is


A vessel is considered to be proceeding from seaward when proceeding:


The most widely used anchor on a small vessel is


The law requires that vessels over 16 feet in length must have aboard


When fighting a Class A fire on your boat, you should use the following extinguisher


If you are in the water and see a solid green light moving left to right, you are looking at


A green channel marker may display one of the following numbers


A rope is a hawser if it is at least [____] inches in diameter.


You are attempting to get underway from a pier on your port side in a power boat that is situated between two other large vessels. The wind is on your starboard side. You should set a spring line on your port side and then


In an emergency, a ship may use charcoal as a heat source inside the vessel provided that the charcoal is well contained in a BBQ so there is no chance of fire


When setting the anchor, be sure that you


A vessel that is displaying a 360 degree red over green light in a vertical line is a


A red and white vertically striped marker is most likely what type of marker?


Under Rule 5, if you are underway on a small vessel with only three people on board, it is not necessary to have a lookout


In a small vessel, if the wind picks up, look for a buoy to tow your vessel to until the wind subsides


The most widly used anchor on a small craft is


A flag flown from shore, square in shape with a black square in the center, indicates


One required by law option for a Hobie 16 (16.4') sailing vessel operating at night to have onboard would be:


You are getting underway in a 25' single screw power boat. You are alongside starboard side to the dock. A 15 Kt wind is on your port side and pushing you against the dock. You will cast off your lines, leaving your starboard spring line fast and


When caught in heavy weather (25 kts of wind and 12 foot seas) in a small 25' boat, you should


You are a power vessel You are approaching another vessel that sounds a horn signal of three short blasts That vessel is preparing to:


All vessels are required to display a 360 degree white light when at anchor at night

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