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When two sailing vessels with wind on the same side approach each other with risk of collission, the vessel that is STAND ON is the vessel to windward.


You are a sailboat underway under sail only at night. You are approaching a power vessel displaying red over red lights in the rigging in a vertical position. Since you are under sail only, you are the stand on vessel.


When caught in heavy weather (25 kts of wind and 12 foot seas) in a small 25' boat, you should


To reverse the heading while alongside at pier, first put out a double bow line and swing the rudder


The most dangerous waves are


When using the marine radio, you hear the word PAN.The operator is braodcasting information related to


When preparing to job the boat, one of the first things to do is to


Dry chemical extinguishers are filled with powder, usually biocarbon ate and pressurized with


All swimming activity must be supervised by a person 18 or older


All modern GPs navigation systems are extremely accurate, and there is no need to take a second fix using known objects and an old fashioned compass/


Which chart would show the most detail?


Before fueling your vessel


You are operating a row boat going into the wind. Which part of the stroke gives you headway?


The most important portion of preparing to anchor is to


After fueling, operate the blower before starting the engine for at least


A 40' power vessel underway at night must display red and green running lights and a white stern light and an aditional white light. This additional white light, also known as a steaming light, shows light forward for a total of ___ degrees.


In an emergency, a ship may use charcoal as a heat source inside the vessel provided that the charcoal is well contained in a BBQ so there is no chance of fire


Two sailboats under sail only are on the same tack and are at risk of collision. Which is stand on?


Instillation of inboard gasoline engines in production sailboats was prohibited by law in 1980


You are a power vessel in a channel. Another vessel is appraching you head to head and sounds a horn signal of one short blast. The other vessel intends to:


You are underway at night and see a single 360 degree white light at or near the mast top. The vessel is most likely


When tackles are to be used where there is a chance of unhooking, the hooks should be


When deploying a small anchor from the bow, heave it as far from the boat as possible


Safe swim defense involves all but which of the following principles


The correct day shape for a vessel restricted in ability to maneuver is

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