Leadership and Flagship Nomination Deadlines

The deadline to recognize a deserving Scout or Scouter with a Sea Scout Leadership Award or a Ship with the National Flagship Award is approaching. National Flagship Applications are due March 31. National and Regional Leadership Award nominations are due March 1. Area Leadership Award nominations are due April 1. You may download the application from seascout.org/download/sea-scout-leadership-award-nomination-form/

Summer Cruise Opportunities

The most important part of any ship’s program is the annual long cruise. If you have not begun planning for this summer’s cruise read on to see what resources are available to you. They are The Passport to Adventure Long Cruise Guide, Provisional Cruise Opportunities, Specialty Cruise Opportunities, and Opportunities to attend Sea Base in 2020. For more information see seascout.org/news/summer-cruise-opportunities-2/

Sea Scout Safety Moments

We are excited to introduce the first four videos of the Sea Scout Safety Moment series. These short, peer to peer safety videos cover life jackets, fire extinguisher use, the 10 personal essentials, and the 10 boat essentials. They are appropriate for any audience, Sea Scouts, Scouts, and the boating community as a whole. Enjoy and share! The entire series, including future videos still in development, will be available at seascout.org/safety-moments.

Invitation to apply for Area, Regional, and National Boatswain

I have always viewed the leadership positions that I held as opportunities to help other people. From Ship Boatswain’s Mate of Program to National Boatswain, that position on leadership has never changed. As a youth led program we all have the unique opportunity...

Sea Scout Mythbusters

A new video, based on Bryan Wendel and TW Cook’s ‘You have to live near the coast’ and four other Sea Scouting myths, dispelled article, is the first of many new marketing resources to be released. Are you interested in seeing certain marketing resources?...

Curt Ware takes the helm as Central Region Commodore

The Central Region has appointed Curt Ware to succeed John Paprocki as the Central Region Commodore. Curt lives in central Illinois and is an active Scouter in Prairielands Council. He will chair the Central Region Sea Scout Committee. Curt was active in scouting as a...