This year’s Chicago-area Sea Scouts’ Thomas R. Smith Regatta will be held July 5, 6, for practice and Friday July 7 for races. Regatta participants are strongly encouraged to attend the practice sessions as they are led by a top professional who is an expert in these 420-class boats. In addition, if the weather forecast is bad on Friday, races on Thursday may be counted.

The location will be at the Belmont Harbor Chicago Yacht Club (which is on the south side of Belmont Harbor). Cost for the regatta will be $30.00 per Sea Scout for all 3 days of the regatta and this includes awards ceremony lunch. Dinner-only for adults is $20.00. Each two person team must also provide a damage deposit of $200.00 at start of the regatta.

This year’s the race will be a qualifier for the International Koch Cup race in Long Beach, California next year.

For additional information, please see the Chicago Yacht Club web site. Please pay special attention to the Notice of Race, and the Registration. If you are planning on participating, please let Skipper Bill Luksha of Ship 2015 know, so they can plan appropriately. There is financial assistance to help Sea Scouts participate in the race. If you have questions, you may also call him at: +1.847.644.8609.