Happy boating season. We all survived the winter and are preparing for anther summer filled with boating activities. Several thoughts crossed my mind that I thought I should share with you.

  1. Consider having an activity you can invite potential new sea scouts to allow them to experience our program and your ship. Open houses are OK but an activity seems to draw more attention and commitment to join in. Advertise your event to Boy and Girl scout units and get your members to talk it up at school. Remember, the only way we continue to enjoy Sea Scouting is if we have sea scouts.
  2. Contact another Sea Scout ship and plan a joint event. If you are unaware of other units in your area, contact your area commodore to find out where the ships in your area are. Letting the members of your ship participate with other sea scouts allows them to realize they are part of a bigger thing beyond your unit.
  3. Consider doing something different. If you sail, look into paddle sports or Scuba and vice versa. Your events need not always be marine related. A hike or campout r day trip to another city may also pique the interest of your scouts.
  4. Have your scouts consider serving as an area boatswain or on the area or regional youth committees. They may come back with ideas to enhance your unit’s program. If you have Scouts interested in these opportunities, have them contact the Area Commodore or Boatswain to learn more.
  5. Do not consume all your unit time in Vessel Maintenance. While important to your program, nothing turn off our scouts more than all work and limited fun. Balance the unit requirements.
  6. Look into and concentrate on one of the new Central region programs: Pirate License, Corpsman and Defender of the seas. While these may requirement advancement, they also contain advancement related requirements in a different venue. Take a look at these new programs designed with heavy input from our regional boatswain, Rachael Washburn.
  7. Looking for other ideas? Contact your Area Commodore or anyone on our regional staff. I am sure they would be happy to discuss ideas with you.

Have a great boating season and enjoy the summer.

John Paprocki
Central Region Commodore