2016-sea-scout-manual-coverThe new Sea Scout Manual is available at ScoutStuff.org.

That’s right!  The Sea Scout Manual has been reissued with lots of new content; including new rank advancement requirements and electives, paddle sports, the New Century Universal Uniform, a new appendix on insignia, and much more.  Get your copy through your local Scout Shop or order online at ScoutStuff.org; be sure to use the new SKU No.  620543 2016 Printing.  If you have questions or ideas about the new Sea Scout Manual, send them in for next month’s edition of the Commodore’s Corner.

With the recent re-organization of the National Volunteer Committee Structure, and the full program status of Sea Scouts, how does the National Sea Scout Committee connect to the overall volunteer committee structure?

The National Sea Scout Committee reports to the Program Development Support Committee; the Program Development Support Committee reports to the Membership Committee; the Membership Committee reports to the National Board.

What are the Sea Scout youth positions-of-responsibility that count for advancement to Eagle Rank?

An updated list was recently approved by the Program Development Support Committee, including:  Boatswain, Boatswain’s Mate, Crew Leader, Yeoman, Purser, Storekeeper, Media Specialist, Specialist, and Den Chief.  This aligns with other BSA programs; and this list supersedes any prior list, including the list in the new Sea Scout Manual, No. 620543, mentioned above.  The position of Chaplain Aide, already used in Troops and Teams, is being considered for use in Venturing and Sea Scouts.  We’ll let you know in a future edition of the Commodore’s Corner if that youth position is approved.

How can I influence the selection of the 2017 areas of emphasis for the Strategic Plan?

Review the Strategic Plan at this link. Then provide your input through your Area/Flotilla Commodore, if any, to your Regional Commodore; or directly to the Operations Group Leader:
.They will carry your ideas forward to the next meeting of the National Sea Scout Committee. Please provide your input by October 1, 2016.

What about other ideas for improving the Sea Scout program?

Same as above; or use the email addresses for the various Group Leaders published in the June edition of the Commodore’s Corner.

In the June edition of the Commodore’s Corner we learned that the National Flagship received a special flag as part of their recognition.  My ship was included in the National Flagship Fleet this year.  May we obtain a similar special flag?

Yes; there is a new Sea Scout Fact Sheet about Ship, Flagship, and Leader Flags available here.

Find the 2016 Koch Cup results at:

82 Sea Scouts from the US and all over the world competed this August for the Koch Cup. Detailed results of the can be found at the Koch Cup Race Coverage Page.

Safety tip – Inspecting your lifejackets:

Here is a link for a Coast Guard Safety Alert about inspecting lifejackets:  https://www.uscg.mil/hq/cg5/cg545/alerts/0716.pdf.  While this specific notice deals with a particular manufacturer, type, and model of lifejacket, it is a critical reminder to thoroughly inspect your lifejackets at the beginning and end of every boating season.  “Be Prepared” to save a life.

How can I get something posted on the website SeaScout.org?

Calendar events may be added to the National Calendar by any logged in user at seascout.org/calendar. If you have something else you would like to have posted to seascout.org, you can contact the Communications Group at but please follow the posting guidelines.

How can I submit a question to the Commodore’s Corner?

We haven’t been receiving as many questions as we expected; so we provide information on timely topics in a question and answer format.  We really would like to hear from you.  Send your question to: ; or click here. We’ll answer the most frequent or urgent questions in a future edition of the Commodore’s Corner.

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As the summer season ends, we hope your Ship’s #SeaScouts had plenty of opportunity to #getonthewater