The deadline to complete an application to serve as an Area, Regional, or National Boatswain is quickly approaching. For the first time, all positions will be filled from a common application. The National Sea Scout Boatswain serves as the youth representative for all of the Sea Scouts across the country. As the National Boatswain, the Sea Scout will sit on the National Sea Scout Service Committee and lead the four regional Boatswains that make up the National Cabinet. Regional Boatswains sit on their respective Regional Sea Scout Committee and some on their Region’s Board. They lead their Regional Quarterdecks made up of Area Boatswains. Area Boatswains serve in a similar capacity to the Regional Boatswain but, at the Area level. Additional duties vary from area to area.

 More InformationApplication | Deadline February 15 or March 1 or March 15, 2017

seal-line-2015Sea Scout Experience Advanced Leadership Training, or SEAL, was designed to “jump start” the youth leaders of new Ships and to fine tune leaders of experienced Ships. It is a physically and mentally demanding, and remarkably rewarding hands- on leadership experience. New and experienced Sea Scouts will succeed at SEAL so long as they are willing to learn and work hard at preparation.

 More InformationApplication | Deadline March 1, 2017

The Sea Scout program is run by hardworking volunteers and the Sea Scout Leadership Award gives you the opportunity to recognize the efforts of those who give extraordinary time and energy to accomplish our mission. The award is presented at the council, area, region, and national levels to Sea Scouts and Sea Scouters who have made exceptional contributions to Sea Scouting and who exemplify the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

More Information | Nomination From | Deadline March 1 or April 1, 2017 (Contact your council for local information)

Each summer a group of Sea Scouts joins the crew of “Americas Tall Ship.” Sea Scouts will spend a week working alongside cadets on board the USCGC EAGLE. The ideal candidate for the Sea Scouts Aboard USCGC EAGLE Program would be a Quartermaster Sea Scout; SEAL graduate; 16 or 17 years old; entering Junior or Senior year of High School in the fall of 2017; have excellent resumes in Scouting, school, and extra-curricular activities; with a strong record of service; and an interest in the Coast Guard or other military or maritime academy.  By the way, there’s no such person.  We have sent a wide variety of Sea Scouts to this program and not one of them had all, or even most, of these attributes. If you’re interested, apply!  Just ask any Sea Scout who has participated in the program, they’ll tell you it’s GREAT!

More InformationApplication | Deadline March 31, 2017

In honor of the 90th anniversary of Sea Scouts in 2002, BoatUS, the nation’s largest recreational boating organization, instituted the annual Sea Scout National Flagship Award. The National Flagship criteria follows the BSA Journey to Excellence Scorecard and is designed to recognize Sea Scout Ships excelling in all areas of Sea Scouting. Sea Scout Ships with outstanding programs who are not selected to be the BoatUS National Flagship maybe selected as a member of the National Flagship Fleet so all ships are encouraged to apply for the National Flagship.

More InformationApplication | Deadline March 31, 2017