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Commodore’s Corner- January 2019

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There is a new video titled “Sea Scout Myth Busters” that shows a Sea Scout Ship (unit) can be established anywhere in the country. You can view the video at Please share with others.

Applications are available for:

The 2018 edition of the Guide to Awards and Insignia is at the printers and is already available online or, connect directly to the Sea Scout pages.

I heard there were some changes regarding two-deep leadership requirements.  Where can I find out the latest on youth protection?

That’s correct; a revised policy went into effect October 1, 2018.  The policy regarding two-deep leadership now reads:

“Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings. There must be a registered female adult leader over 21 in every unit serving females. A registered female adult leader over 21 must be present for any activity involving female youth. Notwithstanding the minimum leader requirements, age- and program-appropriate supervision must always be provided.” 

A good source for youth protection information is the youth protection training, which is mandatory for every Scout leader, found on  Visit the Youth Protection page for the written policy.

The references say the long cruise arcs are positioned encircling the long cruise badge on The Official Sea Scout Uniform.  How exactly should that be done when the wearer has earned more than one arc?  Or, has earned a white arc (equaling five red arcs) and additional red arcs?

Short answer; put the first arc (red or white) centered on top of the long cruise badge, add additional arcs to the right side, left side, and bottom, in that order.  Or, see some alternatives here. If you have earned the Long Cruise Badge more than nine times, you are such an “old salt” you can wear the arcs however you want.  The Commodore’s Corner does know of one Sea Scouter who has earned nine Long Cruise Badges.  Can anyone top that?

There are separate round badges-of-office for Council Commodore and Council Director.  What is the difference between these two positions?

The duties of the Council Commodore, which is a volunteer position, and includes chairing the Council Sea Scout Committee and supporting Sea Scout Ships, are further described in the Sea Scout SOP.  The duties of the Council Director, which is a Council Staff position, vary depending on the Council.  The position may be a collateral duty for a member of the executive staff, perhaps a District Executive.  Duties may include attending the Council Sea Scout Committee meetings, assisting with Sea Scout elements of Council budget development, monitoring Council-owned Sea Scout program boats, helping arrange Sea Scout events, etc.  Check with your executive staff for the details in your Council.

Which knots are worn to indicate the Sea Scout Leadership Award and the Skippers Key?

The knot for the Sea Scout Leadership Award is No. 14220, gray embroidery on green-red-blue background; worn with the Sea Scout leader device, No. 931.  The knot for the Skippers Key is No. 5006, green and white embroidery; worn with the Sea Scout leader device, No. 931.  Since other BSA programs also use these knots, the miniature devices serve to show which program the knot represents.  If the recipient has earned the same knot in more than one program, multiple miniature devices may be worn.

Why is The Official Sea Scout Uniform the way it is; what’s story behind the development of this uniform?

The Official Sea Scout Uniform was introduced as the “New Century Universal Uniform” in 2012, the Sea Scout centennial year.  Read the complete story.

Okay, I read the story and understand there are some limitations but what about these specifics?

– All my badges won’t fit on the short shirtsleeve.

This recurring problem, mostly on the left sleeve, may be addressed by omitting the spaces between badges, relocating the Long Cruise badge to the wearer’s right pocket, and/or omitting the trained strip.  If necessary, wear just the Council shoulder patch and the badge-of-office.

– The oversized “Trained Strip” compounds the tight fit on the sleeve.

The National Supply Group has agreed to work with us on a new design when the current stock is exhausted.

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