Commodore’s Corner- March 2018

How do I sign up as a Sea Scout for the Word Jamboree in 2019?

The National Sea Scout organization is assembling a provisional Sea Scout Ship, made up of Sea Scouts from all around the country, to attend the 24th World Scout Jamboree, at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia from

July 22, 2019 – August 2, 2019.  Find the info you need here.


Can Sea Scouts attend the VenturingFest at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, July 1-6, 2018?

Yes indeed!  You can register as an individual and be assigned to a provisional unit by region; or you can register as a unit (minimum size 5 youth plus two adults).  Get more information and register here.


How can I apply for the Sea Scouts Aboard Coast Guard Barque EAGLE program?

Applications are due by March 31st; download the application form.


Sea Scout Decals

Sea Scout Decals are now available in three sizes, 6 inch, 12 inch, and 18 inch.  And there is a 12-inch magnetic sign, as well.  Check them out at here.


Does the National Sea Scout organization have any materials to help us recruit new members into our Ship?

We sure do; you can access them all at the Marketing Toolbox. 

We recently made the selections for recipients of the Sea Scout Leadership Award (SSLA); but when I entered “Sea Scout Leadership Award” into the medals didn’t appear.  Since I knew the stock number for the medal we needed, I tried entering that number and got this message:  “Your search … did not match any products.”  Now what?

SSLA’s are “restricted” items; so you should order them through your local Scout Shop.  Here are the stock numbers for the four levels of the award:

  • No. 636183 – Medal SS Council Leadership Award (Restricted)
  • No. 636184 – Medal SS Area Leadership Award (Restricted)
  • No. 636185 – Medal SS Regional Leadership Award (Restricted)
  • No. 636186 – Medal SS National Leadership Award (Restricted and only available through the Office of the National Sea Scout Director)

While you’re at it, these stock numbers may come in handy, too:

  • No. 14220 – Venturing Leadership Award Knot (Restricted) – This same knot is used for the SSLA.
  • No. 931 – Sea Scout Leader Device (Restricted) – Placed on the knot, No. 14220 to indicate the award is for the Sea Scout program

More information is available at the Sea Scout Leadership Award page. 

The Sea Scout Belt, No. 618624, is out of stock at National Supply.  When should we expect new stock to arrive?

A representative from National Supply, who is the expert on Sea Scout items, reports that the belts should be back in stock June 1st.

The Sea Scout “Trained” emblem, No. 639675, is large enough that there isn’t room on the sleeve for both the “Trained” emblem and the Long Cruise emblem. What is the proper way to wear both of these items?

If all the insignia won’t fit on the left sleeve, the Long Cruise emblem and arcs may be worn centered on the right pocket.

May Sea Scouts wear the National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) emblem instead of the Sea Scout “Trained” emblem, in position 4 on the left sleeve?

Yes; the NYLT emblem, No. 622630, may be worn in that position; but the wearer must choose to wear one or the other; not both. As a general rule, for The Official Sea Scout Uniform (TOSSU), which was introduced in 2012 as the New Century Universal Uniform (NCUU), insignia placement mirrors the placement for other BSA programs.

News you can use. 

  • Download the new publication, “Sea Scouts for Scoutmasters” it explains that starting and running a Sea Scout Ship (unit) really isn’t an overwhelming challenge. Check it out, and help your Scouter friends start a new Sea Scout Ship.
  • The American Sailing Association has updated the ASA Sailing Challenge App for iOS and Android. How good are you?


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