The inside covers of my new Sea Scout Manual are blank; where can I find the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Sea Promise in this edition?

There was a printing error during the production of the new Sea Scout Manual.  Material that should have appeared on the inside covers was inadvertently omitted.  The inside front cover should have contained the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Sea Promise.  The inside back cover should have had an article about the Sea Scout Emblem.  You can download and print the additional material at the Manual Resource Center.

You will also find two new pages at that site; page 14a incorporates the new youth position of Chaplain Aide and page 66a adds paddlecraft boat handling to the Small Boat Handler Award.

Keep an eye on that site for future updates to the Sea Scout Manual.  Just print out the new pages and insert them into your binder to keep your Sea Scout Manual up to date.

When I visit the site mentioned above, I see a version of the Sea Scout Manual, “NEW! Online Edition (Hyperlinked).”  What does that mean?

This electronic version of the Sea Scout Manual has active hyperlinks.  When you click on a hyperlink in this version, you are redirected to the reference you selected.

I’ve heard that some Sea Scouts serve on the staff at the BSA Florida Sea Base; how can I find out about that opportunity?

A number of Sea Scouts have served on staff at the Florida Sea Base.  What a job; what an adventure!  Sea Scout applicants have a leg up because of their combined nautical and Scouting knowledge.  You can learn more and find an application at this link:  While you’re at it, contact Captain Luke Knuttel, Sailing Program Director,  He’s the Sea Base liaison to the National Sea Scout Committee; and will be glad to hear from you. Applications should be emailed to or a paper copy mailed to:
Florida Sea Base
73800 Overseas hwy
Islamorada FL 33036

Now that youth ages 18-20 are registered as “adult program participants,” what are the youth protection requirements for Venturing and Sea Scout sleeping and bathroom arrangements?  Do units now have 6 classification zones (three age groups, male and female)?

There will just be 4 classification zones, under 18 male, under 18 female, over 18 male, over 18 female.  Get more details here.

A while back, the Commodore’s Corner included information and links to the National Sea Scout Committee Strategy Map.  What is the latest on our strategy for the future?

At the last National Sea Scout Committee meeting, October 28-29, the committee updated the Strategy Map and set priorities for 2016-2017.  You can find the updated Strategy Map here.

We’ll have more news from the National Sea Scout Committee Meeting in the next Commodore’s Corner.

What are our plans for membership growth?

The national BSA goal is to grow at least 2% per year.  We’d like to lead the way with even better results in Sea Scouts.  If we gained just one net new member for every Ship we’d easily beat that goal.  Plus the Ship Growth and Retention Group at the National Sea Scout Committee is developing a kit of materials to help new units get started and a mentoring system to make that easier. There is even a raffle with various prizes for membership growth; check out the details here.

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