Commodore’s Corner- November 2017

I recently read that SG Trading Post is stocking Official Sea Scout Uniform items; what’s the latest on that?

SG Trading Post has recently begun carrying Official Sea Scout Uniform items in addition to the “Class B” and logo items they have carried in the past.  The uniform shirts come with the Flag, World Crest, and Sea Scouts BSA already on them.  Check on this at:

Why does the SG Trading Post website use the terminology “Official Sea Scout Uniform” to describe their uniform garments?

The dark navy Sea Scout uniform, introduced as the “New Century Universal Uniform” in 2012, our centennial year, is the Official Sea Scout uniform.

Does that mean the legacy traditional uniforms, converted from U.S. Navy garments, aren’t authorized?

The legacy traditional uniforms are authorized Sea Scout uniforms and may be worn in accordance with the descriptions on pages 19-23 of the 2016 printing of the Sea Scout Manual, SKU 620543.  BSA National Supply continues to stock insignia for the legacy traditional uniforms.

With the U.S. Navy introducing new “cracker jack” white uniform jumpers with cuffs and piping on the collar flap and cuffs, what should Sea Scout Ships that wear the legacy traditional dress white jumper do?

The Navy intends to phase in the white jumpers with piping over the next few years; starting with Navy recruits in the Fall of 2017.

If your Ship (unit) wants to continue with the legacy traditional white jumpers (without piping) they are available from

If the Navy’s new white jumper with cuffs and piping is to be converted into a Sea Scout uniform, it must be altered by removing the center stripe of piping on the collar flap and cuffs, and by substituting the Sea Scout Collar Emblem (or “bug”), No. 4146 (white), for the star on the corners of the collar flap.  The standards for Sea Scout insignia on legacy traditional uniforms may be found on pages 22-23 of the Sea Scout Manual.

Or, take this opportunity to shift to the dark navy Official Sea Scout Uniform (“New Century Universal Uniform”) available from SG Trading Post; or by ordering garments from  More information about the Official Sea Scout Uniform can be found on pages 18-20 of the Sea Scout Manual, or on the Official Sea Scout Uniform Fact Sheet.

Why does the answer to the previous question include the words:  “Ship (unit)”?

Scouts and Scouters who aren’t already familiar with Sea Scout terminology will hopefully read the Commodore’s Corner from time to time.  In Scouting, Ship = unit = Troop, etc., so the parenthetical reference may aid their understanding.  We can also spell Ship with a capital “S” to mean a Scout unit; and avoid confusion with the generic word ship with a lower case “s”.  As your national Sea Scout committee works to expand the Sea Scout program, you may notice other places where similar editorial devices are used to clarify information about the Sea Scout program.

Are there any new badges available from BSA National Supply?

The following badges are now available through or your local Scout Shop:

  • No. 639091 – Emblem Sea Scout Chartered Organization Representative
  • No. 639092 – Emblem Sea Scout Chaplain Aide
  • No. 639675 – Emblem Sea Scout Trained Strip

A note about stock numbers.

BSA National Supply may occasionally change the stock number on some items, including Sea Scout insignia.  For example, the number for the black “Sea Scouts, BSA” strip recently changed to No. 641602.  The stock number for the white version is unchanged, No. 4126.  You can order either through your Scout Shop or

Where should I wear the new Sea Scout Trained Strip? 

Wear the Trained Strip on the wearer’s left sleeve, in uniform position 4, just below the badge-of-office.  This placement is consistent with other BSA programs.

I have earned the Long Cruise badge and wear it in that position; and the left sleeve on my short-sleeved shirt is already full; now what?

The long cruise badge may be worn on the wearer’s right pocket, with the long cruise arcs encircling the badge.

The National Sea Scout Committee needs your help with Marketing.

We’re still looking for help to develop marketing materials to support our membership efforts.  If you (or a volunteer you may know) have a knack for that sort of thing we can sure use your talents!  Or, maybe your Ship has a successful flyer or video that could be used nationally.  Either way, please contact us at:

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