Commodore’s Corner – November 2018


Should Sea Scouts salute when uncovered?

Yes, any time a salute is appropriate while in uniform, a Sea Scout youth or adult should use the three-fingered Scout salute with pride and respect, whether covered or uncovered.  That means you should salute the flag whether you have a hat on or not.

This question could arise because US naval services traditionally don’t salute when uncovered.  Sea Scouts don’t follow that Navy tradition.

What is a Maritime Explorer Club?

The Explorer program, a career-focused element of the Boy Scouts of America, also has Explorer Club units for middle school students (grades 6 through 8).  Some BSA Councils have Maritime Explorer Clubs that can also serve as feeder-units into Sea Scout Ships.  Find out more at:

We are planning our first landship ceremony.  Are there directions/plans for building the mast?

Check this link:

The last version of the BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia was printed in 2015, and I noticed the Sea Scout portion has some errors and is out of date.  When should we expect a new version?

The BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia is in the final stages leading up to reprinting for 2019.  Your national Sea Scout leadership has provided numerous edits to the production team.  The new edition will include only the insignia that are part of The Official Sea Scout Uniform.  These changes reflect the decision in the fall of 2017 to designate the new century uniform as The Official Sea Scout Uniform.  You can see a mock-up of the anticipated Sea Scout pages at Scout Insignia 2018-11-23.pdf

Okay; so what about the legacy Sea Scout uniforms shown in the current edition of the Sea Scout manual?

Legacy Sea Scout uniforms made use of US Navy garments; converted for Sea Scout use.  These legacy uniforms may still be worn, in accordance with BSA policy, as long as they are serviceable. will continue to sell legacy insignia from the existing stock.

Are Sea Scout neckerchiefs only for youth or may adults also wear them?

Youth and adults may wear the official black triangular Sea Scout neckerchief, No. 618625; unit option.  This is a recent change to what is in current publications, and the change will be reflected in future updates.

The “tar flap” design, No. 618626, is reserved for youth only.

These items, No. 618625 and No. 618626, are for the Official Sea Scout Uniform; they are not for wear with legacy uniforms.

Why are the tar flap and the “Dixie cup” hat reserved for youth?

This is a tradition carried forward from the legacy “Cracker Jack” uniforms.

With the World Scout Jamboree coming up in 2019, what about “neckers?”

Our World Organization of Scouting (WOSM) cousins often wear “neckers” (as they are called internationally) with their uniforms, activity wear, and even non-uniform clothing.  BSA adopted this practice in 2015.

Accordingly, youth and adults may wear neckers with the Official Sea Scout Uniform. When neckers are worn; the tar flap should not be worn at the same time.

Why do some badges-of-office have the wording “Area/Flotilla?”

Until recently, due to geography, or sparse Sea Scout presence, some BSA Areas or parts of Areas were combined administratively into flotillas.  Now that all BSA Areas have a Sea Scout organization, the term area/flotilla has been discontinued.  The national Sea Scout leadership is working with National Supply to issue “Area” round-badges-of-office, and retire the previous area/flotilla versions.

I’m attempting to get dress white Cracker Jack uniforms for my youth for ceremonies. I have not been able to source larger sizes. I need a 50, 52, and 54 male jumpers and pants waist size 50 (multiple pairs). My sources so far are Ships Stores, local surplus stores, and other Ships in my Council. I have not been able to use the Navy Exchange.

The Official Sea Scout Uniform serves as a dress uniform and is always suitable for ceremonies. has the garments, in the sizes you need, for the Official Sea Scout Uniform.  The US Navy changed the white Cracker Jack uniform last year; so the version of the white jumper that had been used for the legacy Sea Scout dress white uniform is no longer sold at the Navy Exchange.  Bottom line, the Official Sea Scout uniform can meet all your needs:

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