national-sailtraining-scholarshipNational Maritime Sailtraining Scholarships are intended to encourage young Americans to consider attending the US Merchant Marine Academy or an approved, state-run Maritime Academy or to consider joining the maritime workforce through industry apprenticeship programs, by introducing them to careers at sea through participation in organized sail training programs aboard qualifying Tall Ships America member vessels.

Applicants must provide documentary evidence demonstrating their interest in a future attendance at a Maritime Academy or industry apprenticeship program, be physically fit for sea, and submit a written essay describing their motivation for participating in the program. Guidelines for submitting this information are included in the application form.

Applicants must be between 14 and 19 years old. The sail training experience for which they are applying must be of at least one week’s duration and include at least six days at sea. The sailtraining program must be provided by a Tall Ships America member vessel in good standing that is inspected and certified under CFR 46 subchapter T (Small Passenger Vessels) or CFR 46 subchapter R (Sailing School Vessels).

Maximum Scholarship awards will cover up to 80% of the cost of the sailtraining program, up to $1,000. Awards may be made in smaller increments based on criteria as established and amended by Tall Ships America.

How to Apply for a National Maritime Sailtraining Scholarship

  • Identify the sailtraining program of their choice, apply and be accepted to attend that program.
  • Complete in full the NMSS Application form.
  • Provide documentary evidence of their interest in attending a Maritime Academy or pursuing industry apprenticeship.
  • Prepare an essay detailing their motivation to attend a Maritime Academy or pursue an industry apprenticeship and elaborate on how this program experience will help them achieve their goals.

For More information, please visit Tall Ships America.