Please welcome Ryan Trefny, Southern Region Boatswain for the 2018-2019 term. Ryan will take office June 1st.

Ryan is an Eagle Scout, a Quartermaster and a SEAL graduate who is presently serving as Southern Region Area 3 Boatswain. He is from Capitol Area Council Ship 911, SSS Response.

Hi, my name is Ryan Trefny, and I’m very excited to be serving the Southern Region for the upcoming term. As a Quartermaster and Eagle Scout, I know what it means to be a scout – I’ve done it for 12 years. As time goes on, I want to take on more and more responsibilities while integrating myself further into the scouting community. I have a couple of main goals that I want to accomplish during my tenure as SR Boatswain;

First, I want to strengthen ships by promoting rank advancement. From my experience, every strong ship has some form of organized rank advancement program. That’s why this year, I will attempt to create an incentive-based program that incites ambitious ships to have their members rank up. The ship that shows the most success with rank advancement will have benefitted and will be featured in a newsletter article.

Second, I want to unite the areas of Southern Region by promoting area-wide events in all parts of the Southern Region. I will encourage and assist Area Boatswains and Commodores in propping up these large-scale events – whether they be sea scout competitions, regattas, parties, or simple outings. This will unite the region as well as strengthen membership at the unit level.

Please stay tuned to Southern Region news as information often gets disseminated. I am looking for a Southern Region Boatswain’s Mate and Yeoman – so feel free to email me at if you’re interested. The only requirement is that you are a sea scout chartered in a Southern Region Ship.

Thank you!