Ship 1015 (SSS Captain Awesome) of Prairielands Council (Champaign, IL) was selected to be part of the 2018 National Flagship Fleet!

Here is part of the announcement send by National Council:

Because of your submission and the great program offered, we would like to recognize your ship as a part of the 2018 National Flagship Fleet.


The 2018 National Flagship Fleet was selected and we wish to recognize the following Sea Scout Ships for their outstanding programs for this past year:


  • SSS Charles N. Curtis Ship 110, Tacoma, Washington, Pacific Harbors Council
  • SSS Nahar Ship 626, Mansfield, Texas, Longhorn Council
  • SSS Del Mar Ship 711, Newport Beach, California, Orange County Council
  • SSS Response Ship 911, Austin, Texas, Capitol Area Council
  • SSS Captain Awesome Ship 1015, Champaign, Illinois, Prairielands Council
  • SSS Dragonlady Ship 1942, Arlington, Virginia, National Capital Area Council
  • SSS Decisive Ship 5011, Kauai, Hawaii, Aloha Council

Bravo Zulu, SSS Captain Awesome!