Dear Shipmates,

We have a great recruiting opportunity for Sea Scout Ships across the county. 

BSA National Marketing reported that there is an increase in searches on over the holiday break with families searching for positive, outdoor activities for their children — and Sea Scout Ships offers those adventures every week. 

The call to Action for your Ship is to: 

  1. Ensure your information is correct; 
  2. Check your Invitation Manager within for Active Leads;
  3. Promptly act on any invitations. 

If you need help with, check out this article: LEARN HOW TO BETTER MANAGE YOUR UNIT BEASCOUT.ORG INFORMATION

Ships can also create their own social media campaigns with their Facebook Fan Pages aimed at parents with teens and send out press releases to local publications, to name a few ways to welcome new Sea Scouts before the end of 2021.

If you need stock images or other recruiting material, please check out the Marketing Toolbox for additional resources.

Let’s begin 2022 with new Sea Scouts in every Ship.

Fair winds,

Joshua Gilliland

Chair, Marketing and Communications Sub-Committee