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I have always viewed the leadership positions that I held as opportunities to help other people. From Ship Boatswain’s Mate of Program to National Boatswain, that position on leadership has never changed. As a youth led program we all have the unique opportunity to help others at the Area, Regional, and National levels. By serving as a Boatswain, you will be serving others in the Scouting program as you learn and grow as a leader.

After a being in Sea Scouts for only a month, my ship held elections and I ran for Boatswain’s Mate of Program. I spoke about how I would like to see the ship increase the amount and diversity of our program offerings with more small boat days and even some camping. I didn’t have the experience and qualifications that the other scout had, but I got elected because others saw that I wanted to help the program and the scouts.

Many of you probably don’t know this but in 2017 I ran for Regional Boatswain, didn’t get it. I also ran for Southern Region Area 3 Boatswain and didn’t get that position either. In the end, I was selected to be the
Southern Region Area 3 Boatswain’s Mate and instead of beating myself up over not getting those positions, I decided to do as much as I possibly could for Sea Scouts. I started to form Sea Scout Ships and run area activities as smooth as possible, but I wasn’t focused on blustering my resume. I was focused on helping Sea Scouts enjoy the program like I did.

These boatswain positions aren’t about who has the longest resume or who can be the best public speaker, but rather what the applicant wants to do to improve our program. If you are someone who wants to help other people, or help the Sea Scout program grow, I urge you to apply for these positions. We need people who want to make that difference and make our program the best that it can be.

The application can be found at the end of this letter and the deadlines to apply are as follows:

  • National Sea Scout Boatswain: February 15
  • Region Sea Scout Boatswain: March 1
  • Area Sea Scout Boatswain: March 15

I look forward to seeing your applications and what your vision for Sea Scouting is!

Jack Otto

2018-2019 National Boatswain

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