The Sea Scout program and the Marine Technology Society have a Memorandum of Understanding to allow Sea Scouts to take part in educational opportunities; conferences/trade shows  in the marine industry; and internships with member organizations.  Sea Scouts have attended conferences/hearings on marine incidents (like the Mercado oil spill initial report when it was still on-going) and participate in the annual scholarship opportunities for funding of college that includes graduating High School seniors and/or attending summer camps and internships where the college age Sea Scouts are exposed to the equipment and technology used in marine science and engineering such as Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) andAutonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV’s).  In the past years, several Sea Scouts have received college scholarships as raising college freshmen and others have attended conferences.

The Marine Technology Society is one of the oldest marine science, academic and industry trade associations that operates globally.  The Society has numerous active committees on all concerns in the marine fields including the new committee on cyber-attacks on maritime transmissions and navigation systems.  The MTS Manned Underwater Vehicle Committee is the only global organization that coordinates/reports all of the world’s civilian and research submersibles/submarine technology and operations with an annual meeting symposium. This Committee is currently writing the Consensus Standards For The Operation Of Submersibles/ Submarines that will be  the basis for new USCG and IMO Regulations/Laws and will also be used as the basis of underwriting by Lloyds Of London insurance syndicates. A Sea Scout Leader is even the Coordinating Editor of this industrial standard.

Marine Technology Society has numerous regional student sections that coordinate with the Association’s industry/academic members and explore the possibilities for careers in the marines sciences and industry.

Upcoming opportunities

Northwestern Michigan College Undergraduate Camp – May 20 -24: Please join us for a week-long, hands-on experience using several marine technologies. Participants will log time on research vessels, collect data using ROVs, sonar, sensors and buoys and learn about the multiple applications of these technologies.

Rutgers University Undergraduate Camp –  June 10-14: Please join us for a week-long, hands-on experience using underwater glider technologies. Participants will be introduced to the underwater robots while gaining hands on experience prepping, ballasting, deploying and piloting.

Scholarship Information- Deadline Extended
Students may also apply for a scholarship to attend one of the 2 summer camps below by completing an application form and a recommendation form. Act fast, the deadline for scholarship applications is Friday, March 22, 2019

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