Last week, in a letter to Sea Scout Volunteer Leaders along with Council/Area/Region Volunteers and Professionals, National Director, Keith Christopher, and National Commodore, Charles Wurster, released a set of Standard Operating Procedures for the Sea Scout Program. Why are these important and how will they help your ship?

The “Standard Operating Procedures” were developed to help Boy Scout Councils, Areas, and Regions with new and existing Sea Scout Ships to thrive. District Executives and Council Commissioners have repeatedly asked, “How do we support Sea Scouts?” The new Standard Operating Procedures are designed to support the core values of all Sea Scout Ships, whether the Ship focuses on sailing, cruising, paddle craft, scuba, or any other activity where Sea Scouts get on the water.

Sea Scout Ships nationally have similar programs and challenges, whether the Ship is on a coast or landlocked. The goal of the Standardized Operating Procedures is to provide solutions to challenges and strategies for success.

We welcome feedback from our Boy Scout Councils with successful Sea Scout Committees. If you have any best practices you wish to share that can be incorporated into future versions of the SOP, please do not hesitate to contact the Operations Group.