As summer began, so did the terms of the newly elected boatswains for region, area, and council quarterdecks all across the states, which meant there was some planning to be done. The southern region quarterdeck, represented by 9 area boatswains and 1 regional boatswain, needed to find its mission, and make a plan on how to pursue their ideas. How did they do this you ask? Why, what better way to make a plan and get to know one another than to journey down to the hot Texas coast and sweat on a boat for a weekend!

Although not all members of the quarterdeck were able to participate, 5 boatswains hopped onto the Point Glass, an 82 foot patrol boat built by the US Coast Guard in 1962 which has been repurposed to give scouts offshore experiences operating a complex vessel. It gives us scouts an opportunity to work together in understanding and deciphering foreign territory, both in boat handling, and in leadership. Despite the fact that many of the members participating this weekend had attended SEAL and gone through a similar experience before, we all came away saying that we had learned something new.


On the boat, we selected daily boatswains, operated the helm, lookout, and engine room positions, cooked, cleaned, and most importantly, discussed our mission for scouts. After a long day of operating the boat, motoring from the San Bernard River to Sea Star Base Galveston, we had a meeting about the future of Sea Scouts throughout the region. What membership looks like, and how to encourage new ships to form and scouts to stay. Ideas bounced from one mind to another, getting polished and buffed all along the way, until we had several plans on how to get ships started and scouts interested. The youth and the adults worked together to find the best possible options to make the program we know and love flourish all while having a blast on a boat, even if it was a little hot!