As a senior Scouter of 55 years and Chairman of the Pamlico Sea Base Committee of the East Carolina Council, I reviewed the below listed objectives of Seabadge training with interest as I contemplated the question of whether or not a 73 year-old would benefit from another adult leadership course:

  • Improve the understanding of leadership, management, and motivational skills among adult leaders.
  • Provide management, leadership, and presentation skills and tools to adult leaders so that they may use and share them with others in their day-to-day Scout activities.
  • Use the skills and tools acquired at Seabadge to improve the quality of the Sea Scout program.
  • Encourage the development of lifelong contacts and sharing of resources by and between course participants and staff.

Having now completed the training and the practical application of skills learned by working my “RUTTER” (similar to a Wood Badge Ticket), I can know answer that question which had loomed in my mind with an emphatic YES!

In addition to learning a great deal about Sea Scouting during the course and having the privilege of rubbing elbows with many like-minded scouters all focused on doing their best to serve, I would be remiss if I did not point out several unexpected positive benefits of the training.

RENEWED EXCITEMENT & OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE: I discovered while developing my Rutter a renewed enthusiasm for Scouting which resulted in sharing an opportunity with my brother, a wood worker, to fabricate a Land Ship ⎯ the new Land Ship has now been delivered to the Pamlico Sea Base. Delivery of the Land Ship also caught the interest of my neighbor who subsequently registered as a new Scouter so he could get involved. The enthusiasm also spilled over to my long-standing but little work goal of completing the Pamlico Sea Base Strategic Plan ⎯ not only has the new 325 page Strategic Plan has been delivered but also 26 goals were formatted using the SMART GOALS technique which I learned during the training!

EXPANDED PAMLICO SEA BASE (PSB) MISSION OUTREACH: As a result of my interaction with the members of my training crew, I quickly came to appreciate and value a new role for the PSB as a center for Sea Scout activities. The idea of including a Sea Scout program outreach to the PSB mission led to a survey of local and regional Sea Scout ships from which the elements of new programs are now being developed. Beginning this year the PSB will be offering programs for Sea Scout Ships to include a future Sea Scout Rendezvous and Regatta.

NEW COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP GROWTH INITIATIVE: As I became more knowledgeable about Sea Scouting (the second oldest Scouting program), It became apparent that the East Carolina Council (ECC) with its expansive coastline and nautical heritage was a natural for Sea Scouting. As a consequence, the Sea Scout message has been carried to several key ECC Districts as one on my Rutter initiatives. In addition, the ECC Commissioner, also a participant in the Seabadge Training, is promoting Sea Scouting opportunities at the Council level as another youth membership growth and outreach tool! So now, when asked whether the Seabadge course is worth the time, my answer is GO FOR IT! In addition to making you a better leader YOU should also expect the unexpected ⎯ I am positive that YOU find the experience valuable and will also take away many unexpected positive benefits as a result of the training! Fair winds and following seas,

Harry Sanders
Pamlico Sea Base Committee Chairman
East Carolina Council
Alpha Crew – Seabadge SB-26-NC-2016

Commodore’s note: The next two Seabadge courses in Southern Region are back at Pamlico Sea Base in October – see and then at Camp Wisdom in Texas in November – see – you too can find unexpected benefits from attending! Meanwhile you can learn more about Pamlico Sea Base here