SEAL preparation can be a challenge, even for our most experienced Scouts.

Reagan S provided this note about the preparation classes he attended. It worked – he graduated at the top of his class!

As my SEAL training course approached, a few adult leaders in my council decided to provide an opportunity to me and my fellow candidates to prepare for the challenging course I was about to undertake. They invited me and four other SEAL candidates to meet and discuss the skills and knowledge we must have prepared in order to successfully complete SEAL Training. I was very grateful for this, because I was nervous about what I should expect and how to respond. In our preparatory meetings, the adults went over the practice tests with us, gave us tips and tricks on how to impress the staff and excel at the course, helped us mentally prepare for what lay ahead, acted as an accountability measure for our progress on our outlines, and generally encouraged us as we got ready to go to SEAL. They gave us the opportunity to teach skills we weren’t confident in, thus helping us grasp that knowledge better, and helped us understand concepts that we were struggling with. I wouldn’t say that there is anything that they could do more that would better prepare a SEAL candidate to give an excellent performance at his training course. When I came home from those meetings, I would feel refreshed and equipped, ready to complete the rigorous training I’d signed up for.

– by Reagan S, Capitol Area Council