Please congratulate this year’s Southern Region Sea Scout Leadership Award recipients!

Regional Boatswain Savannah Cushman

Savannah Cushman,of Ship 208, Sam Houston Area Council, in Baytown, Texas is currently serving as Regional Boatswain. During her term she has led the operations of the regional quarterdeck and represented Sea Scouts to the region, including serving as a member of the Regional Board. Savannah has focused her efforts with good success on communication between the areas and on building a strong regional team.




Regional Vice Commodore Steve Stevens

Stephen Stevens, of Capitol Area Council, serves as Regional Vice Commodore for Membership and Growth. Steve has worked to develop process and tools to help manage ship growth and retention across the region, has worked closely with the Area Commodores to help them manage ships in their area. He has also helped his counterparts in the other regions develop similar systems. He has been a key contributor to regional Sea Scout growth this year.