Every Sea Scouts deserves to have an amazing summer cruise. Many Sea Scout Ships can host Sea Scouts from Ships that are either landlocked or without their own vessels. Check out these cruising opportunities to see how Sea Scouts can go to sea.

If your Ship has cruises planned and can host other Sea Scouts, please contact us with the following information: Name of Vessel; Dates of cruise; Short Description of the Cruise; Number of Open Berths by Gender; Ports of Call; Underway Advancement Opportunities; Cost; Contact; and photos of boat with Sea Scouts. Remember, the goal is inspire.

Western Region Bridge and Cruise Opportunities: July 30, 2016

Stay tune for information on participating Sea Scout Ships

California Coastal Cruise: Set Sail July 5, 2016 for Disneyland 

Join Sea Scouts from San Francisco cruising to many ports in southern California, including Long Beach and Avalon. Sea Scouts going will have also go to Disneyland!

Stay tune for more information as it becomes available.