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Vice Commodore of Training Central Region
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Jay Montgomery joined a Boy Scout Troop sponsored by his church in Detroit, Michigan in the fall of 1949. He has been continuously registered in Scouting ever since. In 1952, the Troop organized an Explorer Post which functioned like a Patrol for older Scouts within the Troop. He became an Explorer. The Post lost its Advisor late in 1954 but recruited a new one who was also an avid boater and a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. In 1955, the Post re-chartered as a Sea Explorer Ship. That Ship is still in existence today. It is the oldest Ship in the State of Michigan.

Because the Ship was still closely associated with a Troop, everyone assumed that youth membership followed the same pattern as the Boy Scouts. At 18, Jay was registered as the Mate in the Ship. He became its Skipper at rechartering in 1959 and remained its Skipper for the next twenty years. During this period, he earned the Sea Scouter’s Training Award and the Skipper’s Key. Jay became an active member of the Edison Boat Club in 1962. He served on its Board of Directors and went through “the chairs”. In preparation for becoming EBC’s Commodore in 1980, he stepped down as Skipper and became a member of the Ship’s Committee. He served from 1980 to 2014.

In the 1970’s, Exploring became huge in the Detroit Area Council. A separate Exploring Division was formed in the Council. Sea Exploring, twenty Ships strong, became a District within that Division. Jay served as Vice Commodore, Commodore and later became Vice Commodore of Training. He was also District Chairman and a member of the Council’s Executive Board. Very interested in training, he served on the Exploring Division’s training committee for the next ten years. During this period, Jay was recognized with the Exploring Division’s District Award of Merit. He was also honored with the Detroit Area Council’s Silver Beaver.

Jay first participated in Seabadge at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center where the East Central Region held Seabadge EC-II in 1974. He returned in 1975 to Skipper EC-III. His next opportunity for involvement came as a Staff member of EC-VII in 1987. In this century, he was Staff at SB-11-IN-12 and SB-18-IL-13. He served again as a Course Director/Skipper at SB-22-MI-2015. Jay completed Seabadge Underway in New York in 2011, becoming the first Sea Scouter in the Central Region to have both.

Judith, Patricia and Mark, his three children, were Sea Scouts as teenagers and participated in the Edison Boat Club’s Junior Sailing program. Mark became Skipper in 1987 and completed his twenty-eighth year in 2015. His son Andrew joined the Ship in 2014. Hopefully second son William will too when old enough. There are a total of six grandchildren. The four girls are artists and musicians.

Jay moved his primary Scouting activities to Port Huron, Michigan in 2010 when he signed on as Skipper of Ship 109. He became the Area 2 Vice Commodore – Training at about the same time and serves on the Michigan Crossroads Council Leadership Training and Advancement Committees. Training activities include assisting with adult training at events in Area’s 3, 6 and 7. Jay is an Assistant District Commissioner and a Unit Commissioner in the Water and Woods FSC’s Blue Water District.

Jay graduated from the University of Detroit in 1962 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He joined Detroit Edison as an engineer-in-training shortly afterward. He worked in a variety of supervisory positions and at various locations in Southeastern Michigan until he retired from middle management in 1999. A Masters of Business Administration from Wayne State University in 1975 completed his education. He was a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan. After leaving Edison, he started a Financial Services business being licensed by the State of Michigan to offer mutual funds and annuities, life and long-term care insurance and held a mortgage broker’s license. Retirement planning was a part of the services provided. His second retirement took place in 2009.

In 2011, Jay joined the Anchor Bay Squadron of the USPS as preparation for Seabadge Underway. After transferring to the Port Huron Squadron in 2012, he was appointed Chairman of the Audit Committee and Committee member for a three-year term in beginning 2014. Jay was appointed Chair of Operations Training (Lieutenant) in 2015 and elected Administrative Officer (Lieutenant Commander) for 2016. He received the Educational Achievement Certificate in 2015 after completing eight USPS courses.

Currently, Jay is the Central Region’s Vice Commodore – Training, a member of the Central Region Sea Scout Service Committee and the Region’s Seabadge Coordinator.

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