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Western_Region_(Boy_Scouts_of_America).svgWelcome to the Western Region Sea Scout page. Sea Scouts are all across the Western Region, from Arizona to Alaska.



The Western Region is an administrative body of the BSA that serves Sea Scouts in five areas.

WR Area 1: Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho

WR Area 2: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, & Nebraska

WR Area 3: Northern California, Nevada

WR Area 4: Southern California (Los Angeles & Orange County)

WR Area 6: Hawaii, San Diego, Arizona, New Mexico & El Paso, Texas

Internationally: Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.


The Region is led by the Regional Key 3 composed of the Regional Commodore, Josh Gilliland, Regional Boatswain Hannah, and Regional Staff Adviser, with the support of the Western Region Sea Scout Committee.

Meet the New WR Boatswain for 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 Western Region Boatswain is Hannah Carter from the Sea Scout Ship Mariners, based in Dana Point, California and the Orange County Council. Hannah has served as one of the WR Boatswain’s Mates, is a graduate of SEAL, and competed in the William I Koch International Sea Scout Cup.

Sea Scout Photo Booths

Sea Scout Ships attending activities such as a Scout-O-Rama or on-campus recruiting activity at high schools often have to decide, “What can we introduce interested youth to Sea Scouts?”

Photo booths for “selfies” are a fun and inexpensive way to creatively engage prospective Sea Scouts. Here are DIY tips on how to make your own Selfie Booth.

All Sea Scout Ships are encouraged to set September 8, 2018 as Sea Scout Me in Day. This is a day to plan a back to school open house, host a Nautical Merit Badge Midway, or help a new Sea Scout Ship to recruit their first Sea Scouts. Here is a timeline with a checklist of action items to make Sea Scout Me in Day a success for your Ship:

May 31: Plan a Sea Scout Me in Day activity, which can be day of sailing, kayaking, cruising, or other event where prospective Sea Scouts get on the water. Draft press release that includes date, time, location, description of event, and contact information.

June 1: Check with School District website on procedures for submitting flyers for inclusion in August school newsletters. Complete all forms as required by school district.

July 31: Share announcement for Sea Scout Me in Day with the District Executive, District Commissioner, and District Membership Chair, for inclusion at monthly District Meeting. Send request to council marketing professional for inclusion in Council newsletter.

August 18: Begin Promoting Sea Scout Me in Day.

Media: Submit press releases to community publications, such as local newspapers and online community groups. Check with local publications for any deadlines for inclusions.

Social Media and Online Communities: Post announcement to Nextdoor, Patch, or similar applications.

Instagram: Create Instagram account for your Sea Scout Ship. Under Settings, select “Switch to Business Profile.” After business account is created, begin posting weekly images promoting Sea Scout Me in Day messages. Boost posts targeted for youth interested in boating, sailing, SCUBA, and other on the water activities in your service area.

Facebook Fan Pages: Create a Fan Page for your Sea Scout Ship. Create an “Event” for your Sea Scout Me in Day activity. Boost the event targeted to parents of high school students. Include as “Interests” for the campaign to include Scouting, Sailing, Boating, Stand Up Paddleboard, Kayaking, and other boating activities. Test the effectiveness of your boost, adjusting your campaign each week.  

Parents: Ask parents of Sea Scouts to share the Facebook Event on their personal pages on in any parental groups they are members of on Facebook.

Community Boards: Print flyers for posting at Starbucks, teen centers of libraries, and similar locations.

September 8: Sea Scout Me in Day – Have fun and get on the water. Follow best practices for an open house.

Work with Sea Scouts on how they greet guests. Assign Scout to collect names, numbers, and email of youth. Assign parent or Mate to welcome parents, answer questions, and collection contact information.

Recruiting Resources

Sea Scout Marketing FlyersOpen House Flyers with fillable fields

Sea Scout Me In Collateral – Images and infographic

Promoting Sea Scouts in High Schools – Tips on how to submit flyers to school districts for approval in high schools

How to Update Your Pin on BeaScout.org (Great way to increase your visibility for interested youth looking for a Sea Scout Ship)

Sea Scout Marketing Toolbox (Logos, Photos, Videos, Flyers, Posters)

Open House Best Practices (Video Presentation from the New Ship Mentor Workshop)

5 Ideas for Recruiting Sea Scouts

Collaborative Sea Scout Recruiting

Get on the Water

We are making 2018 the year of Getting on the Water.

Small boats are a wonderful way to get Sea Scouts on the water every week. This provides an opportunity for hands-on activity, fun and character building through adventure.

The benefits of small boats are huge. Sea Scouts who are taking out a boat frequently are constantly becoming better sailors. Weekly small boat activities can also help keep Scouts excited about being a Sea Scout. This positive energy in a Sea Scout Ship can help with retaining existing Sea Scouts and recruiting new ones.

Sea Scout volunteers should help their Sea Scouts keep the Sea Promise by reviewing Safety Afloat with the youth, having a Float Plan filed online prior to any weekend aquatic activity.

California Boating Safety

All Sea Scouts in California, which includes WR Areas 3, 4, and 6, should be aware that on January 1, 2018, California’s new mandatory boating safety education law goes into effect and will be phased in by age. The first age group to go into effect is 20 years old and younger. Effectively all Sea Scouts who operate any type of motorized vessel on California waterways (including powered sailboats/paddlecraft), will be required to pass an approved boating safety examination and carry a lifetime California Boater Card.

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