Western Region Area 3 encompasses all BSA programs in northern California and 80% of Nevada. Within Area 3, Sea Scouts, BSA is active with 30 Ships operating programs on coastal waters, the San Francisco Bay, the Sacramento and San Juaquin river delta, and many inland lakes.

WR Area 3 is well known for its fleet of larger ex-military craft capable of long cruises on open water, and very large gatherings of its Sea Scouts at competitive regattas, joint-unit long cruises, and social events. But our strength comes from the frequent practice of skills developed by getting on the water as often as possible with smaller boats and applied learning projects. More units are also adding STEM projects, sailing, rowing and paddle sports. The program works best in sustainable balance of traditions, learning, and most importantly, fun.

The Area 3 Commodore and Flotilla Staff support the development of Ship programs and membership in all Area 3 Councils and Districts. Working principally through Council Commodores and Skippers, Area 3 leadership looks for ways to grow Sea Scouting’s potential in every community while nurturing the best aspects of its historic combined activities. While the major regatta’s have their own host committees, Area 3 supports their sustainability and promotion. It directly sponsors the annual Safety at Sea training evolution and hosts program leadership meetings and adult training development. The Flotilla Staff is comprised of:

Area 3 Boatswain: Coordinates youth-led initiatives and promotes exceptional activities

Vice Commodore for Membership: Leads recruiting strategies for adults and youth

Vice Commodore for Program: Leads quality program development and new unit initiation

Vice Commodore for Resources: Assists with directing donations of funding, services, and materials

WR Area 3 hosts exceptional Sea Scouting events which focus national attention to the program. Our volunteers collaborate to stage large scale, complex competitions, cruise-ins, coastal Fleet Cruises, Bridge of Honor recognitions, and many smaller training and social events. Our major feature events (dates vary) include:

  • Area 3 Bridge of Honor (rotates locations) in February
  • Sea Farer’s Regatta at the Martinez Sea Scout Base in March
  • Old Salts Regatta at U.S. Coast Guard Base Alameda in May
  • Ancient Mariner Regatta at the California Maritime Academy on Memorial Day weekend
  • Delta Summer Rendezvous at Discovery Bay in August
  • Safety at Sea cruise-in at U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Francisco in September
  • Whaleboat Roundup Rendezvous (rotates locations) in October
  • Napa Mini-Regatta at the Napa Sea Scout Base in November

These are currently chartered units serving Northern California and Nevada communities.

Ship Name Ship # Servicing Community
S.S.S. NORTHLAND 52 Richmond
S.S.S. ODESSEY 107 El Cerito
S.S.S. ALBATROSS 72 Martinez
S.S.S. CHASER 7090 Napa
S.S.S. KONOCTI PHEONIX 7711 Clear Lake
S.S.S. SEA WITCH 236 Antioch
S.S.S. SHOW BIZ 1776 San Ramon
S.S.S. TIKI TOO 129 Oakley
S.S.S. ROONEY MARA 2017 Sacramento
S.S.S. VIKING 100 San Francisco
S.S.S. CORSIAR 22 San Francisco
S.S.S. GRYPHON 33 Redwood City
S.S.S. CHALLENGER 145 Santa Clara
S.S.S. INTREPID 51 Palo Alto
S.S.S. SEA EAGLE 65 Palo Alto
M.S.S. TRADEWIND 2609 Redwood City
(special aquatics unit) 711 Sparks NV
S.S.S. SEA FOX 9 Alameda
S.S.S. MAKAI 700 Castro Valley
(special aquatics unit) 63 Clovis
S.S.S. LYSA 99 Lake Yosemite
S.S.S. POINT WEBER 1 Stockton
(special aquatics unit) 6 Modesto
S.S.S. REVENGE 16 Piedmont
S.S.S. SPARTAN 300 Alviso
S.S.S. STEEVES 669 Santa Cruz
(special aquatics unit) 1456 Saratoga
S.S.S. COMPASS ROSE 5001 Petaluma


All Sea Scout Ships are encouraged to set September 8, 2018 as Sea Scout Me in Day. This is a day to plan a back to school open house, host a Nautical Merit Badge Midway, or help a new Sea Scout Ship to recruit their first Sea Scouts. Here is a timeline with a checklist of action items to make Sea Scout Me in Day a success for your Ship:

May 31: Plan a Sea Scout Me in Day activity, which can be day of sailing, kayaking, cruising, or other event where prospective Sea Scouts get on the water. Draft press release that includes date, time, location, description of event, and contact information.

June 1: Check with School District website on procedures for submitting flyers for inclusion in August school newsletters. Complete all forms as required by school district.

July 31: Share announcement for Sea Scout Me in Day with the District Executive, District Commissioner, and District Membership Chair, for inclusion at monthly District Meeting. Send request to council marketing professional for inclusion in Council newsletter.

August 18: Begin Promoting Sea Scout Me in Day.

Media: Submit press releases to community publications, such as local newspapers and online community groups. Check with local publications for any deadlines for inclusions.

Social Media and Online Communities: Post announcement to Nextdoor, Patch, or similar applications.

Instagram: Create Instagram account for your Sea Scout Ship. Under Settings, select “Switch to Business Profile.” After business account is created, begin posting weekly images promoting Sea Scout Me in Day messages. Boost posts targeted for youth interested in boating, sailing, SCUBA, and other on the water activities in your service area.

Facebook Fan Pages: Create a Fan Page for your Sea Scout Ship. Create an “Event” for your Sea Scout Me in Day activity. Boost the event targeted to parents of high school students. Include as “Interests” for the campaign to include Scouting, Sailing, Boating, Stand Up Paddleboard, Kayaking, and other boating activities. Test the effectiveness of your boost, adjusting your campaign each week.  

Parents: Ask parents of Sea Scouts to share the Facebook Event on their personal pages on in any parental groups they are members of on Facebook.

Community Boards: Print flyers for posting at Starbucks, teen centers of libraries, and similar locations.

September 8: Sea Scout Me in Day – Have fun and get on the water. Follow best practices for an open house.

Work with Sea Scouts on how they greet guests. Assign Scout to collect names, numbers, and email of youth. Assign parent or Mate to welcome parents, answer questions, and collection contact information.

Recruiting Resources

Sea Scout Marketing FlyersOpen House Flyers with fillable fields

Sea Scout Me In Collateral – Images and infographic

Promoting Sea Scouts in High Schools – Tips on how to submit flyers to school districts for approval in high schools

How to Update Your Pin on BeaScout.org (Great way to increase your visibility for interested youth looking for a Sea Scout Ship)

Sea Scout Marketing Toolbox (Logos, Photos, Videos, Flyers, Posters)

Open House Best Practices (Video Presentation from the New Ship Mentor Workshop)