Did you know that you can complete your Fast Start and Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training (SSALBT) on-line?

No excuses for untrained adults working in the Sea Scout program, as we have both courses available to you, today. AND, you can complete your training with, or without, receiving a training certificate (handy for those who want to “brush up” on the training).

To take your training, and receive a certificate which you can provide to your Skipper or Committee Chair so that they can update your training records on My.Scouting Tools, visit the Online Training Dashboard. There you can register, enroll in the classes, complete your training, and receive certification for your efforts.

If you’re just looking to brush up your skills, then you can use the Online Training page, where you can access any of the training videos you’d like to review.

Videos too small for your taste? A full-screen option is now available just for you. (Make sure your browser is also in full-screen mode for the best effect.)

Poor performance issues from the old platform have also been addressed. The videos are now hosted on a server with a fiber internet connection providing a great viewing experience.

[Please note, the videos are currently using Flash technology and are not compatible with most mobile devices. We apologize for this in advance, as we are working on a solution that will work on all platforms. In the interim, you can watch the videos on your mobile device if you use a Flash-browser application like Photon Flash (Google Play) (iTunes)]