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The Sea Scout Relationships group facilitates and manages contacts with organizations and resources outside of the BSA.  You can contact the Sea Scout Relationships Group at

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The ACA National Paddlesports Instruction Program has been acknowledged as the “Gold Standard” of paddlesports education throughout the United States and abroad. The ACA has developed a wide variety of curriculum, trainings, and resources to serve paddlers of any skill level and discipline. To take advantage of these great tools and opportunities, begin by finding an ACA certified instructor:

  • Search for nearby instructors using the ACA Paddle Ready App; it’s free in the App Store or Google Play. The app also includes useful features such as instructional rescue videos, surf and tide forecasting, river gauge levels, safety and gear checklists, accident reporting forms, float plans, and more!
  • Use the ACA website to find instructors all over the country – include a skills course in your next vacation or locate instructors for family and friends out of state.
  • Need more assistance? Contact the ACA Safety Education and Instruction Department to ask more questions and get expert guidance.
  • ACA State Directors can  be a great resource. Check out their resources document for more information. 
  • Here is a great collection of paddling safe boating information.
  • Check out ACA’s Scouting webpage!


The BoatUS Coop Group Program provides Sea Scouts, B.S.A. volunteers and members with with discounted services.

  • Earn 4% back when shopping at WestMarine
  • Discounts on fuel, overnight slips, and repairs at over 900 marinas nationwide
  • BoatU.S.Towing Service provides access to the largest network of on-the water commercial towing companies nationwide! With over 600 boats in over 290 ports, service is just a call away.
  • Subscription to the widest-read boating publication, BoatU.S. Magazine
  • And MUCH more!
  • Click here to join the BoatUS Coop Group Program. Click here to renew your BoatUS Coop Group Program membership.

BoatUS Foundation

The BoatUS Foundation provide Grassroots Grants to community organizations, yacht club, flotillas and squadrons. Several Sea Scout Ships have been past grant recipients. The Foundation is looking for creative and innovative projects that promote safe and clean boating on your local waterway. Past topics have ranged from PSAs on the effects of boating under the influence to hands-on education about the effects of marine debris.

Click here for more information about BoatUS Foundation Grassroots Grants and how to apply for them.

Building to Teach

Building to Teach has developed a hands on training for Sea Scout Ships that teaches math and fosters teamwork through projects. The three module training seminar, which includes building a skiff, has successfully implemented been in the Northeast and Western Regions. Read More…

US Coast Guard Advanced Enlistment

Sea Scouts who have achieved the Sea Scout Able rank can enlist in the Coast Guard as Seaman Apprentices (E-2), and Sea Scout Quartermasters can enlist as Coast Guard Seamen (E-3). Click here to-see the details.

US Coast Guard Auxiliary

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary stands by to assist your Ship in providing Boating Safety courses and other training to your membership.

For details on the evolving partnership with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, visit the partnership page at

The National Commodore of the Coast Guard Auxiliary would like to recognize all new Eagles and Quartermasters by providing them with a congratulatory letter upon completion of their requirements.  Visit the USCGAux here for more information.

America's Boating Club

America’s Boating Club is one of Sea Scouting’s strongest partners. Sea Scout Leaders are encouraged to take ABC Courses to improve their on the water skill set. Below is a list of available courses. Contact your local Squadron for dates and more information.

  • America’s Boating Course- BSA Training Code-P47, Ordinary Rank Requirement #5, Sea Scouter Training Award Requirement #3
  • Seamanship- BSA Training Code-P45, Youth Elective Requirement
  • Piloting- BSA Training Code-P45, Youth Elective Requirement
  • link-PDFABC – Sea Scout Advancement Matrix


Sea Scouts are eligible for several program-specific scholarships and make great candidates for many Scout and marine scholarships. Check out the Scholarships page for more information.

Grants, Scholarships, and Internships

The mission of the Sea Scout Relationships Subcommittee is to facilitate and manage contacts with organizations and resources outside of Sea Scouts BSA. These third-party associations can also be for collaborations, grants, scholarships, internships and for product acquisition opportunities specifically for Sea Scout units. This Sea Scout opportunities directory is an evolving document that will be updated quarterly as additional organizations are added and contacts change. The impact of the 2020 global pandemic affected organizations’ ability to provide services and/or funds. These agreements were made solely for the members of Sea Scouts.

You may download the Directory here.

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