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Sea Scouts BSA Program Updates

This page includes the latest information concerning resources and developments affecting the Sea Scouts BSA program. 

Sea Scout Manual Errata 5 Published

Updated Feburary 28, 2022

An update to the Sea Scout Manual was published. It includes an update to the Advcnement Requirements

Sea Scout Manual Errata 6

Sea Scout Manual Errata 5 Published

Updated October 15, 2020

An update to the Sea Scout Manual was published. It includes an update to the Uniform Sections

Sea Scout Manual Errata 5

Sea Scout Manual Errata 4 Published

Updated May 25, 2020

An update to the Sea Scout Manual was published. It includes an update to the Advancement requirements that make it possible for Scouts in Scuba focused ships to complete rank requirements. 

 Sea Scout Manual Errata 4

Sea Scout Manual Errata 3 Published

Updated August 21, 2019

 An update to the Sea Scout Manual was published.It includes the addition of the Den Chief, several changes to the Advancement section, including requirements, updates to the Small Boat Handler and the Qualified Seaman courses, revised requirements for the Sea Scout Marksmanship Award, updated Swimming Ability Groups, Man Overboard Procedure, Emergency Messaging, and other small language updates. 

 Sea Scout Manual Errata 3

AOWLS Training Released

Updated July 1, 2019

Advanced on-the-Water LEasdership Skills Training (AOWLS) models how adult leaders can step back from the helm, set performance expectations for the youth in their unit, and safely conduct an effective Sea Scout program underway. The course models the methods and objectives of delivering the Sea Scout program while underway (long cruise), and to teach adult leaders how to support youth as they advance in rank, prepare for SEAL, and conduct quartermaster cruises. It is taught at the council level. Multiple councils can host a “cluster” course if a qualified instructor is not available. Contact your Regional Commodore if you need help finding a qualified instructor.

AOWLS Instructor Guide

Collectively, IOWLS and AOWLS replace the retired Seabadge Underway course.

IOWLS Training Released

Updated Feburary 22, 2019

The AOWLS course is meant to follow IOWLS, Introduction On-the-Water Leader Skills, which provides leaders the resources and on-the-water skills necessary to assist Sea Scouts in achieving Ordinary rank. The Instructor Guide and Course materials are available online.

Sea Scout Adult Leader Training Module Updated

Updated Feburary 22, 2019

A new Sea Scout Uniform module was added to the within the Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training Learning Plan in the BSA Learn Center. Links are also provided where insignia and uniforms may be purchased.

The module is built using a new template that is more mobile friendly than previous e-learning courses. 

Sea Scout Manual Errata (2019) Issued

Updated Feburary 13, 2019

An errata to the current Sea Scout Manual was issued. It includes information on Youth Protection, Personal Safety Awareness, and a Parents Guide. Download it here.  

Guide to Insignia Updated

Updated January 24, 2019

The Sea Scout pages in the Guide to Awards and Insignia were updated. Download them here. 

US Coast Guard Auxiliary MOU Updated

Updated September 4, 2018

An agreement between United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Boy Scouts of America made Sea Scouts the official youth program of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard. Since 1939 the Auxiliary has supported the Coast Guard in nearly all of the service’s missions. This partnership will give Sea Scouts an opportunity to benefit from Coast Guard seamanship and vocational training, while introducing Sea Scouts to the Coast Guard. More information is available at 

Order of the Arrow Membership Update

Updated May 23, 2018

Beginning February 1, 2019, unit elections will be permitted in Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scout units.  The new Order of the Arrow membership requirements are as follows:

  • Be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Have experienced 15 nights of camping while registered with a troop, crew, or ship within the two years immediately prior to the election. The 15 nights must include one, but no more than one, long-term camp consisting of at least five consecutive nights of overnight camping, approved and under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America. Only five nights of the long-term camp may be credited toward the 15-night camping requirement; the balance of the camping (10 nights) must be overnight, weekend, or other short-term camps of, at most, three nights each. Ship nights may be counted as camping for Sea Scouts.
  • At the time of their election, youth must be under the age of 21, hold the Scouts BSA First Class rank, the Venturing Discovery Award, or the Sea Scout Ordinary rank or higher, and following approval by the Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor or Sea Scout Skipper, be elected by the youth members of their unit.
  • Adults (age 21 or older) who meet the camping requirements may be selected following nomination to the lodge adult selection committee.

Sea Scouting for Commissioners Training CED 712 Released

Updated April 4, 2018

This training is intended to be used at Commissioner Colleges and University of Scouting. The presentation and supporting materials are available at

Best Practice Library Launched

Updated April 3, 2018

Across the county there are successful ships that deliver on Sea Scouting’s promise of high adventure in, on, around, and under the water. Each ship is unique. Each ship has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. In order to make every ship more successful, a Best Practice Library has been created to share these strengths. The first four best practices are now available. They focus on getting Council Support at the ship level.

Check out them out and consider what your ship can contribute. Send your best practice to us at so it can be added to the library.

    Area Sea Scout Leadership Award Quota Changed

    Updated March 6, 2018

    The quotas for the Sea Scout Leadership Award were updated. The most up to date information is available at

    Ready to Wear Sea Scout Uniform Available for Purchase

    Updated October 4, 2017

    SG Trading Post, in cooperation with Sea Scouts, BSA, has made the Official Sea Scout Uniform easier than ever to obtain. Sea Scouts can now order uniform shirts, with the US flag on the right shoulder, the World Crest on the left chest, and Sea Scouts B.S.A embroidered over right pocket. Uniform shirts are available in men’s, women’s, and wicking designs. Uniform pants and a cap are also available. Visit SG Trading at to order.

    Ready to Wear Sea Scout Uniform Available for Purchase

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