Sea Scout Leadership

T.W. Cook

National Commodore

Tim Anderson

National Director

Cassidy Christian

National Boatswain

Sea Scout Organization Structure

Leadership for Sea Scouting at all levels induces a Youth Boatswain, Volunteer Commodore, Professional Director, and a Volunteer Sea Scout Support Committee. Their selection and operation is described within the link-PDFStandard Operating Procedures.

Council Sea Scout Committees

Councils with successful Sea Scouting program have an operating Council Sea Scout Committee lead by a Council Commodore, Council Sea Scouting Director, and Council Boatswain.

Council Sea Scout Committees have held Regattas, Training Days, Safety at Sea Events, Long Cruises, ILSS Training, SSALBT Training, multi Ship sail and barbecues, and much more.

Area Sea Scout Support Committees

To best provide support to local ships and councils, the four BSA Regions are broken down into smaller organizational units, areas. Areas follow the regional organizational structure, but typically have an Area Commodore, Area Director, and Area Boatswain at the minimum.

Throughout the country Areas typically hold Regattas, Rendezvous, Training Weekends, Safety at Sea Events, Long Cruise, Sea Scout Advancement Academies, and more.

Regional Sea Scout Support Committees

The primary goal of each Regional Sea Scout Committee is to create training and program opportunities to benefit the ships of the region. Each region is led by a Regional Commodore, Regional Director, and Regional Boatswain.

Depending on the region, regional events have included Regattas, Rendezvous, SEAL Training, Seabadge Training, Bridge of Honors, Sea Scout Balls, and more.

Central Region | Northeast Region | Southern Region | Western Region

National Sea Scout Support Committee

The mission of the National Sea Scout Support Committee is to develop, enhance, and expand the Sea Scout program in a manner that emphasizes the purposes and achieves the objectives of the Boy Scouts of America.

Committee Operation

The National Sea Scout Commodore will appoint committee members for one-year terms ending June 30 upon approval of the individual’s council. The Commodore may appoint a National Boatswain with the approval of the individual’s council. Regional Commodores serve as ex officio members of the committee. The committee is made up of six subcommittees, Communications & Technology, Ship Growth and Retention, Marketing, Operations & Planning, Program Support, and Relationships.

National Sea Scout Committee Documents

link-PDFCommittee Charter

link-PDFOrganizational Chart

link-PDFNational Strategic Plan

link-PDFStandard Operating Procedures

 link-PDFStandard Operating Procedures Finance Addendum