The Official Sea Scout Uniform

The Official Sea Scout Uniform is equivalent to the BSA field uniform and is designed for wear by youth and adults and serves as both dress and work uniform. The garments are commercially available work clothing similar to Dickies® work shirts and work pants.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can we obtain a uniform?

The garments are commercially available work clothing similar to Dickies® work shirts and work pants. The garments can be purchased at local retailers or online at SG Trading Post or  You can order the accessories and insignia via your local Scout Shop or from

Other sources for the uniform can be found in the publication link-PDFThe Official Sea Scout Uniform: Alternative Sources.

We see Sea Scouts in a variety of uniforms; why does it seem to be so complicated?

If you are new to Sea Scouts, you may be wondering how the uniform system got to be that way. The early Sea Scout uniforms were just variations on the Boy Scout uniforms of the day. Over the years, Sea Scouts adopted modified US Navy uniforms; some Sea Scout units still wear those legacy uniforms. With the Sea Scout centennial in 2012, it made sense to create a uniform that was easier to obtain, more “Scout-like” yet that retained the maritime tradition that is our heritage. This was the origin of the Official Sea Scout Uniform, (formerly called the New Century Universal Uniform). It is designed to be easy to obtain anywhere in the country, to use insignia readily obtainable from BSA National Supply, and to be more obviously a part of the BSA family.

The Official Sea Scout Uniform is hot when we’re active on a vessel, what should we do?

In hot climates, the dark blue uniform shirt can be pretty warm, but you can wear the optional matching shorts or substitute shirts from the alternate sources mentioned above made of breathable, wicking fabrics. More realistically, you are probably going to sail in an activity t-shirt or polo anyway.  SG Trading Post stocks customizable Sea Scout tees, polos, hats, jackets, sea-bags and more to assist a ship in getting outfitted for adventure. 

Why is the Official Uniform the way it is?

The people behind the official uniform provide insight into the history of TOSSU in the publication  link-PDFWhy is the Official Sea Scout Uniform the way it is?

Can we wear a legacy uniform?

Yes. For ships that continue to wear the legacy Sea Scout uniforms, refer to the Sea Scout Manual for proper wear. However, every Ship is encouraged to adopt The Official Sea Scout Uniform as soon as practicable.

Still have questions?

This page is intended to provide an introduction and a summary (not the complete details).  The Fact Sheet above contains the most up to date information about The Official Sea Scout Uniform.  Check the Guide to Awards and Insignia and the Sea Scout Manual for more details about uniforms and insignia.