Uniforming is an important part of developing program recognition and self-identity. By wearing the Sea Scout uniform, youth make a statement to observers about courtesy, thoughtfulness, honesty, and other core values that convey character.

Working on a vessel reinforces the fact that with privilege comes responsibility.  The same is true with the privilege of wearing the Sea Scout uniform. Anything done while wearing the uniform reflects upon the reputation of all Sea Scouts in our nation. It becomes each Sea Scout’s responsibility to always do the right thing, and it becomes each Sea Scout’s responsibility to keep the Sea Scout uniform correctly creased, cleaned, and maintained.

ss-essentials-minThe Official Sea Scout Uniform (New Century Universal Uniform) is designed for wear by youth and adults―male and female―and serves as both dress and work uniform. The garments are commercially available work clothing similar to Dickies® work shirts and work pants. SG Trading Post, an Official BSA Vendor, offers the Uniform Shirt with the US Flag, World Crest, and Sea Scouts B.S.A. embroidered above the pocket.

link-PDFThe Official Sea Scout Uniform Fact Sheet

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Sea Scout in Dress Whites


Sea Scout dress uniforms are worn on special occasions such as bridges of honor, annual banquets, public appearances, and other formal occasions. The dress uniforms are identical to U.S. Navy uniforms except for distinctive Sea Scout modifications. For more information on Traditional Sea Scout Uniforms, refer to the Sea Scout Manual.

Adult UniformsAdult leaders should always set the example regarding standardization of the uniform. The national official Sea Scout dress white uniform for adult leaders conforms to U.S. Navy officer specifications, with a white, short-sleeve shirt with epaulets; white trousers; white web belt and silver buckle; and plain-toe, high-polish white shoes with white socks. The adult leader wears a traditional U.S. Navy-style officer combination white cover with the Sea Scout headband, silver chin strap, and Sea Scout silver cap buttons. A white crewneck T-shirt is worn under the shirt. Adult women wear the same uniform as men, except women do not wear the T-shirt under the blouse, and they wear a woman’s white U.S. Navy officer combination cover. This cover must be altered to Sea Scout specifications. The badge of office (Skipper, mate, etc.) is worn on black epaulet covers that cover the entire epaulet of the shirt. The badge of office is centered on the black epaulet cover with the crown of the anchor directed away from the body. As an alternative, adult females may wear the above uniform with a white A-line skirt (U.S. Navy specifications) hemmed at the knee to one and a half inches below the knee with a kick pleat in the center back not to exceed six inches. When wearing the skirt, the female adult will wear white, medium-heel pumps and flesh-colored seamless hosiery with no design.