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SG Trading Post
SG Trading Post Official Vendor

SG Trading Post stocks ready to wear Offical Uniform shirts, pants, and caps. Custom tees, jackets, polos, hats, and sea-bags are also available.


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Sea Scout burgeeSea Scout Burgee

Sea Scout Boatswain Pipe

Ship's Stores
The Ship’s Stores Official Vendor

Legacy Sea Scout, Quartermaster, and adult leader uniforms and insignia. 



Prestige Flag

Prestige Flag Official Vendor

Prestige Flag is an authorized vendor of Sea Scout flags. Details regarding purchases can be found in the Sea Scout Flag Fact Sheet.


The Official Sea Scout Uniform: Alternative Sources

The Official Sea Scout Uniform (formerly called New Century Universal Uniform) was designed around garments available from Dickies. These were chosen because of universal availability in men and women’s sizes, and affordability. However, you may wish to base your uniform on alternative garments, because of fit, material, or comfort. This document will offer suggestions as to acceptable alternatives.