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November 2018 – Salutes, Maritime Explorer Club, Neckers

Commodore's Corner - November 2018   Should Sea Scouts salute when uncovered? Yes, any time a salute is appropriate while in uniform, a Sea Scout youth or adult should use the three-fingered Scout salute with pride and respect, whether covered or uncovered.  That...

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November 2017- Uniforms, Insignia, etc.

Commodore's Corner- November 2017 I recently read that SG Trading Post is stocking Official Sea Scout Uniform items; what's the latest on that? SG Trading Post has recently begun carrying Official Sea Scout Uniform items in addition to the "Class B" and logo items...

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February 2017 Commodore’s Corner

Commodore's Corner- February 2017 Is there an Alumni Association for Sea Scouts and Sea Scouters? Yes; it's called the National Organization for Sea Scout Alumni (NOSSA). Check it out at alumni.seascout.org. Is the BSA Interpreter Strip authorized for wear on a Sea...

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