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Commodore’s Corner Brief Update for August 2019

https://youtu.be/4MboA-TvIGQ I an not sure yet how Commodore's Corner is going to work (would love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see, send your ideas via email to twcook at seascout.org). In the meanwhile, here is a quick update on a few topics that need...

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April 2019- Safety, Maritime Explorer Clubs, Insignia

This month’s Commodore’s Corner includes a marine safety alert for VHF radio interference, and answers questions about the Maritime Explorer Club program, developments with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Partnership, advancement, and badges of office.

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November 2018 – Salutes, Maritime Explorer Club, Neckers

Commodore's Corner - November 2018   Should Sea Scouts salute when uncovered? Yes, any time a salute is appropriate while in uniform, a Sea Scout youth or adult should use the three-fingered Scout salute with pride and respect, whether covered or uncovered.  That...

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