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Sea Scouter Recognition

Questions often asked are, “What about the Skipper and Mates?” and “Do they qualify for advancement the same way a Sea Scout does?” This question calls for a brief explanation of the purpose of Sea Scout advancement and a reminder of recognition recommended for adults in Sea Scouting.

The Sea Scout advancement program offers scouts a series of progressive experiences in various skills with standards for meeting them. Sea Scouts qualifying receive special badges and awards. The sole purpose of advancement is to challenge members to engage in activities that will support the character and citizenship objectives of the Sea Scout program.

One can clearly see from this that advancement is for young adults. However, there are recognitions available to adult leaders. The training and service required to qualify for these recognitions bring satisfying prestige. In every case they require either significant training or a worthwhile contribution to the effectiveness of the Sea Scout program.

Long Cruise Badge

The Long Cruise badge may be earned by both youth and adults registered in Sea Scouts.  A Sea Scout must be Ordinary rank before they can start recording cruising time for the Long Cruise badge. The Sea Scout must cruise for two weeks on any vessel or boat provided by the local council or the ship, or their own vessel when authorized by an adult leader in that Sea Scout ship. Each additional long cruise earned is marked by a red arc around the badge, until five such cruises have been completed. Then a single white arc replaces them around the badge.  In the event that it is not possible to make a two-week cruise, a series of weekend or overnight cruises on any boat or ship may be made, provided that the total number equals 14 days.  An adult leader may qualify for the badge without qualifying for Ordinary rank.

America's Boating Club Finley Sea Scout Service Award

The America's Boating Club “Finley Sea Scout Service Award” recognizes those members of America's Boating Club who are also youth or adult Sea Scout leaders, and who have provided outstanding civic, educational, and fraternal leadership to both Sea Scouts and America's Boating Club, through civic involvement, educational achievement, and active participation in both programs.

Sea Scout Leadership Award

The Sea Scout Leadership Award is presented by councils, service territories, and the BSA National Council to Sea Scouts and adult Leaders who have made exceptional contributions to the Sea Scout program.

Sea Scouter Training Award

The Scouter’s Training Award is a recognition for registered adult volunteers who meet training and performance requirements while serving for two years in a volunteer position.

The Skipper’s Key

The Skipper’s Key is a recognition for primary unit leaders who meet who complete advanced tenure, training and performance requirements.

Skipper Award of Merit

Quality unit leadership is the key to a quality unit program—and it leads to better Scout retention. Statistics show that if young people stay engaged in the program for at least five years, the BSA’s influence likely will stay with them for the rest of their lives. A quality Scouting experience will help keep Scouts in the program, and the Boy Scouts of America created the Unit Leader Award of Merit to recognize the quality unit leaders who make that happen. The Unit Leader Award of Merit replaces the Scoutmaster, Varsity Team Coach, and Venturing Crew Advisor award of merit programs. This new recognition has revised requirements, and Cubmasters and Skippers are also eligible for this recognition

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