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build-to-teach-logoLearning to build a boat with your Sea Scouts is now within reach of any Sea Scout leader thanks to our newest partner, Building to Teach. Building to Teach is a program of the Alexandria Seaport Foundation that aims to enable students to learn math through hands-on projects: opening the door to higher education and better jobs.

build-2-teach-2Building to Teach has developed a hands on training for Sea Scout Ships that teaches math and fosters teamwork through projects. The three module training seminar, which includes building a skiff, has been piloted in the Northeast and Western Regions. For more information, visit the Building to Teach website.

One Build to Teach Instructor said it was “a fun way to learn math while building a large row boat, small model sail boat and a guitar, which goes hand in hand with the new push for Science -Technology-Engineering and Math(STEM).”

Sea Scout Building to Teach Seminar

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Module 1 Getting Started
Unit 1 Elements of Instruction
Unit 2 Math Fundamentals
Unit 3 Math Checklist
Unit 4 21st Century Skills Background
Unit 5 Hands-On Math Resources
Unit 6 Math Skills and Standards
Unit 7 Student Assessment
Module 2 Boat Building Project
Unit 1 Bella Skiff
Unit 2 Bevin’s Skiff
Module 3 Additional Teaching Resources
Unit 1 Small Boat Reference Pages (History)
Unit 2 Small Boat Reference Pages (Literature)
Unit 3 How to Run a Group Boat Building Activity

Photos courtesy of Noel Guzman.

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