odessey-minWhat is a long cruise?

The Long Cruise is a super summer activity that is be the culmination of everything that the Sea Scouts have been preparing and training to do for the entire year.  It is traditionally a one to two week cruise on a large vessel.  However it could also be a week long white water trip, SCUBA trip or some other nautically oriented activity.  It is possible to arrange such a cruise even if you have no adults trained to operate a vessel and have no access to such a vessel. Very few Sea Scouts would turn down a week of sailing in the San Juan Islands or in the Florida Keys.

The Long Cruise is high adventure on the water.  It allows a Sea Scout to put into practice the seamanship skills that they have been learning all year in a setting beyond the routine.  It creates lifelong memories and gives the Scout an opportunity to live and cooperate with others to meet an exciting challenge.  It builds team and fosters lifelong friendships.

Locating a Vessel and Qualified Operator

There are many options for Sea Scout units (even if the adult leaders is unskilled) to arrange a fun, successful and safe summer sailing trip. These opportunities range from a private charter to a high adventure scout base to individual Sea Scout training vessels.  The national Sea Scout web site has a list of Summer Long Cruise opportunities listed under resources (seacout.org).