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Proclamation from the state of Massachusetts honoring the Sea Scout Centennial.
Proclamation from the state of California honoring the Sea Scout Centennial.
Sea Scouts honored by the National Safe Boating Council.
Sea Scouts honored by the Presentation by National Water Safety Congress.

Sea Scout Centennial

Went into commission without ceremony.
On June 23, 1913, Captain Wallace J. Goodwin of the Boy Scout Ship Pioneer wrote perhaps the most prolific words describing the first Century of Sea Scouts: Went into commission with out ceremony. Nothing better defines how Sea Scouts for 100 years have done the hard work and provided opportunity and hope to youth across the United States.

The Sea Scout Centennial was celebrated at several local events celebrating the 4 S’s of Sea Scouts: Scouting, Seamanship, Service & Social. There were over 40 events across the United States.
Sea Scouts could argent advancement with special  Centennial Electives and the Gold Centennial Award for youth and adults. Sea Scouts were also greatly benefited from the family of Arthur Astor Carey, who shared the 1913 and 1914 Logbook from the BSS Pioneer. The logbook gives us a powerful look at the first Sea Scouts, their program and provides an actual date for the adoption of what would become the First Class Anchor.

State Proclamations

The States of California and Massachusetts both honored the Sea Scout Centennial with Proclamations.
California issued two separate recognitions and Massachusetts declared October 8, 2012 “Sea Scout Day.”

Centennial Honors

The Sea Scout Centennial has been recognized by the following groups:
  • Boy Scouts of America Executive Board
  • National Water Safety Congress
  • National Safe Boating Council
  • Redwood City- City Council
  • The Sea Scout Centennial was also featured in BoatUS and other maritime publications.

Day of Rememberable

June 30, 2012 was the Sea Scout Day of Remembrance. Sea Scouts attended a service with the family of Arthur Astor Carey at the church Carey founded in New Hampshire. Carey’s great-great-great-grandson is a Cub Scout who said the Scout Law and Promise at the beginning of the ceremony. Another dedicated volunteer placed a Centennial burgee on the grave of William
Menninger in Kansas. Other Sea Scouts all across the US struck 8 Bells at 1200 to honor all of those who have dedicated their time in service to youth.

The First Voyage

Arthur Carey, with the Boy Scout Ship Pioneer in Boston, is credited with starting Sea Scouts in the United States. There were other early leaders who were instrumental in this period, including Charles T. Longstreth, who organized a Sea Scout patrol aboard his yacht Arawan in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In 1923, Thomas Keane was named the Acting Director of the Sea Scout Department of the Boy Scouts of America. At that time, there were 1,100 Sea Scouts in 85 Ships. Under Commander Keane’s leadership, Sea Scouts grew in program, with new manuals, and surged with new Ships forming across the country. By 1934, there 19,448 Sea Scouts in 1,041 Ships.
Over 100,000 Sea Scouts served in World War II. Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz stated that forty percent of the men under his command in World War II had been Scouts, who had won sixty percent of the decorations for valor.
A century since we first set sail, Sea Scouts continue to sail in waters off Puerto Rico to rivers of Iowa to the warm oceans of Hawaii.
-Josh Gilliland, Sea Scout Centennial Chairman

Centennial Awards and Commemoratives

Centennial Burgee, Event Patch, Challenge Coin, and Long Cruise Badge

Centennial Lapel Pin

Centennial Gold Award

Centennial Flag

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