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Seabadge is a leadership and management training focused on the “how-to” aspects of managing a successful youth led Sea Scout program. While Seabadge was developed as an advanced leadership training program for experienced Sea Scout adult leaders the course is open to all adult Scout leaders.  The driving theme for the training is to “Focus on Youth”, which makes the course especially valuable for any Scout leader dealing with older youth.  Seabadge does not cover topics like boating, knots, or other program-related materials found in the Sea Scout Manual.

Overview & Purpose

Seabadge is a weekend course that begins Friday afternoon and concludes with a closing ceremony before lunch on Sunday.  Course participants and staff function as a model ship to help participants understand how a ship or youth-led unit should function. The curriculum includes twenty sessions, with established objectives, that are presented in a motivating and informative forum.

The objectives of Seabadge are to:

  • Improve the understanding of leadership, management, and motivational skills among adult leaders.
  • Provide management, leadership, and presentation skills and tools to adult leaders so that they may use and share them with others in their day-to-day Scout activities.
  • Use the skills and tools acquired at Seabadge to improve the quality of the Sea Scout program.
  • Encourage the development of lifelong contacts and sharing of resources by and between course participants and staff.

Participant Requirements

Course applicants must meet the following minimum standard requirements prior to consideration for participation in a Seabadge course:

  1. Is a registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America.
  2. Has completed the basic training courses for their Scouting position and Leader Specific: Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic training.

Uniform Requirements

Sea Scout participants should wear the Official Sea Scout Uniform as described in the Sea Scout Manual. Other Scout participants should wear their official Scouting uniform (official Scout leader shirt, Scout pants, leather or web belt, and official socks). 

Staff Requirements

Seabadge staff members must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Currently registered member of the Boy Scouts of America as a Sea Scout adult leader for at least two continuous years.
  2. Successfully completed an official Seabadge course.
  3. Be approved by their local council and Regional Seabadge Coordinator to serve on the Seabadge staff.
  4. Agree to adhere to the Seabadge Administrative Guide and Seabadge Instructor Manual when planning and presenting Seabadge topics.
  5. Agree to wear The Official Sea Scout Uniform and insignia (exactly as outlined in the current edition of the Sea Scout Manual) during the Seabadge course.
  6. Once selected, staff members must review all current prerequisite training materials including; Youth Protection Training, and Leader Specific: Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training.
Course Director Requirements

In addition to meeting the requirements for a Seabadge staff member, to serve as a Seabadge course director a Sea Scout adult leader must have the following qualifications:

  1. Be a current registered member in the Boy Scouts of America as a Sea Scout adult leader for at least two continuous years.
  2. Must have earned the Seabadge pin and successfully completed staff assignments at two Seabadge courses, including serving as a crew advisor.
  3. Must be enthusiastic, open-minded, flexible, people-oriented, and committed to implementing the Seabadge course in a positive manner.
  4. Must participate in a course director conference.
  5. Must agree to strictly follow and adhere to the Seabadge Administrative and Instructor Guide when planning and presenting Seabadge topics.
  6. If planning to conduct a virtual Seabadge, must audit a virtual Seabadge prior to proposed course.
  7. Must agree to wear the official Sea Scout adult leader uniform and insignia as outlined in the current edition of the Sea Scout Manual during the Seabadge course.
  8. Must agree to and sign the “Course Director’s Pledge”.
For Councils - How to Host a Course

A Seabadge course can be sponsored by a council, a group of councils or by a region after determining a need to conduct a course.  The host council will:

  1. Determine the need for a Seabadge course and assign a professional staff advisor.
  2. Contact the National Seabadge Coordinator to receive the most current Seabadge Administrative Guide that includes planning guidelines.
  3. Submit an application to conduct a Seabadge course and a signed Course Director’s Pledge to the National Seabadge Coordinator for final approval. The course application should be submitted at least 9 months in advance of the selected beginning date of the course.
  4. Following approval from the National Seabadge Coordinator, each course will be issued a national course number and the course director will receive the most current course materials.
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