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Intrepid_6871The Sea Scout program relies on an annual Long Cruise just like Scouting relies on summer camp or baseball relies on the World Series. It is the pinnacle of what Sea Scouting has to offer, high adventure on the water, lifelong friendships, lifelong memories, and of course valuable lessons. For Sea Scouts, a long cruise is a joyous opportunity—beyond the scope of the routine. It is more than just a scenic outdoor experience. It is more than just a physical challenge. It is an experience in living and cooperating with others to meet an exciting challenge. It is learning to overcome difficulties and learning to live in harmony with nature and each other. Every Sea Scout should be able to look back on their favorite long cruise with a smile. To make this a reality, the National Sea Scout Committee has published the Passport to Adventure Long Cruise Guide.

The Passport to Adventure Long Cruise Guide is the one stop shop for any ship to plan and execute a successful cruise. Its eight chapters are packed with topics including Before You Go; Who Will Go; Trip Planning; Travel, Budget, and Insurance; Promotion and Preparation; Equipment; Underway Procedures; Sail Safely; and Wrapping up Your Long Cruise.

Additional training modules for planning and executing successful cruises are under development and will be released soon. If your ship is unable to go on a long cruise this summer, please direct your Sea Scouts to the Provisional Cruising opportunities available to them.


Special thanks to Cassie Johnson and the Program Content Team for developing the Passport to Adventure Long Cruise Guide.

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