Sea Scouts BSA

Tales of the Sea is a way for Sea Scouts to share traditions, what they do at meetings, and what they enjoy most about the program. Questions were asked on Instagram Stories, once a week, for followers to answer and be put into the recap post for everyone to see, and maybe implement a new tradition in their Ship! 

Sea Scouts BSA has a plethora of traditions from individual units, to the program as a whole, and it is awesome to see what everyone does in their units, and what the program means to them! 

Question 1: What are some of your Ship’s annual traditions?

Question 2: What has been your favorite Sea Scout outing?

Question 3: What is your favorite part about the Sea Scout program?

Question 4: What does your Ship do at meetings?

Question 5: What has been your most fun memory from Sea Scouts?

Question 6: What does your Ship do in the winter?

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