An update for all Sea Scouters in Area 6, effective April 30th, Don Shields has resigned as the Area 6 Commodore. We thank Don for his many years of service to Sea scouts and the Area.

John Paprocki and Bill Hamilton interviewed and reviewed 3 candidates to replace Don as Area 6 Commodore. We are pleased to announce that David Campbell was put forth and approved as the New Area 6 Commodore. David is from Anthony Wayne Area Council and is an experienced Scouter and Sea Scouter.

Because of the talented individuals who submitted nominations for the Area 6 job, we are also announcing several changes to staff positions in Area 6. Bob Meador, V/C Program, will now take on the role of Vice Commodore and Executive Officer for that Area. We believe Bob’s skills and experiences will bring a positive impact to Dave and the direction of the Area 6 team. We are also pleased to announce that Mike Pierson from Erie Shores Council will serve as the V/C Program.

The balance of the Area 6 team remains the same: Bill Reisa – V/C of Service; Tammy Campbell – V/C of Training; and Tim Weber V/C of Sales & Membership.

Join us in wishing Don a heartfelt thanks for his efforts and a hearty welcome to Dave as Area 6 Commodore, Bob in his new role as Executive Officer, and Mike for joining the team.