Commodore’s Corner- June 2017

I heard the Sea Scout Safe Boating and Sailing Standards have been revised.  Where can I find a copy?

The new Safe Boating and Sailing Standards were recently approved by the National Sea Scout Support Committee.  You can find the new standards at:

The updated and simplified standards are effective immediately and replace the previous version issued in 1994.

I still see references to Sea Scouts as being part of the Venturing program.  Can you confirm that Sea Scouts is now it’s own program and not part of Venturing?

Yes.  Sea Scouts is a stand-alone program of the Boy Scouts of America, along with Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturing.  This change took place in February 2016.  Since then, BSA publications and other media are being updated on their normal update schedules to reflect this change.

The LDS Church announced that it is dropping Venturing and Varsity Scouts.  Does this include Sea Scouts, which is no longer part of Venturing?  (The press release only mentions that the LDS Church is continuing Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.)

To clarify:  The LDS Church has announced the decision to discontinue its role as a charter partner for Venturing and Varsity Scout units.  Individual LDS youth may continue to participate as members of these programs, and Sea Scouts, by enrolling in units chartered by other community partners.

National records indicate that there is currently one Sea Scout Ship (unit) chartered by the LDS Church.  We anticipate that this unit will find a new charter partner or the Sea Scouts will find a home with a different unit, at the time of the next annual re-chartering.

Three Congratulations!

1- New National Boatswain

Our new National Boatswain, Mercedes Matlock, assumed the watch as the National Sea Scout Boatswain in a change-of-watch ceremony at the traditional Venturing/Sea Scout Reception at the BSA National Annual Meeting, recently held in Orlando.  Congratulations Mercedes, we look forward to your leadership over the coming year.

2 – 2017 National Flagship

Congratulations to the 2017 National Flagship!  Ship 100, Dominion, Manassas, Virginia, won out in a tough field of competitors.  Ship 100 is chartered by the Freedom Museum (an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution) and is part of the National Capital Area Council.  Learn more about Ship 100 and their success story at:  Start planning ahead for your own application to be the National Flagship for 2018.

3 – Outgoing National Boatswain

Rachel West, 2016-2017 National Sea Scout Boatswain, received the National Sea Scout Leadership Award at the Venturing/Sea Scout Reception at the BSA National Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL.  Rachel is the first recipient of this prestigious award.

Change of Watch at the William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup Assn. Inc. 

At a recent meeting, the William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup Assn. Inc. adopted a resolution designating new officers for the association.  Michael Philbrook will serve as President and Wm. Lee Popham will serve as Secretary-Treasurer.

After their many years of service to the youth of America and the world, we thank retiring board members Jim Elroy and Kathryn Elroy who are turning over their responsibilities to the oncoming watch.

The Koch Cup International Sea Scout Sailing Regatta offers a unique opportunity for Sea Scouts from around the world to compete in such a prestigious event.

Next year, the William I. Koch Cup competition will commence on Monday, 9 July 2018, and run through Friday, 13 July 2018, at Sea Star Base Galveston, TX.  Races to qualify for the Koch Cup competition will be held around the country.  Learn more about the Koch Cup Regatta and the qualifiers at:

The National Sea Scout Committee needs your help with Marketing.

We’re looking for help to develop marketing materials to support our membership efforts.  If you (or a volunteer you may know) have a knack for that sort of thing we can sure use your talents!  Or, maybe your Ship has a successful flyer or video that could be used on a national scale.  Either way, please contact us at:

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