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This is the first edition of the “Commodore’s Corner”.  CC will come to you about once a month with news and answers to questions from readers.   This is just one feature of the new website at  Check out the other parts of the website; it’s much faster and easier to navigate.  Meanwhile let’s answer some of your questions.

I heard that Sea Scouts is separating from Venturing.  Can I still earn Venturing Awards?

The BSA National Board, on February 10, 2016, adopted a resolution “…to make Sea Scouts a separate program with the same status of other programs.”  “Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Varsity Scouting are for boys.  Venturing and Sea Scouting are for young men and young women.”

As with past changes in BSA programs, changes to eligibility and requirements for advancement, awards, and recognition will be phased in over time.  For the time being:

  • Keep doing what you’ve been doing.
  • Use the eligibility and requirements that were in effect before the Resolution.
  • Specifically, Sea Scouts may continue to earn all Venturing awards and recognitions.

Sea Scouts, who are working on any of the Venturing awards and recognitions, will be “grandfathered” to continue on until a decision has been made to make any changes.  If changes are made, they will be phased in over a lengthy period of time.  Plus, no matter what changes may be made in the future, any Sea Scout may dual-register in a Venturing Crew to maintain eligibility for Venturing awards.

The details for future eligibility for Venturing Awards and Recognitions are still being worked out.  Some recognitions, such as the Venturing Leadership award, may be replaced in the future with unique Sea Scout awards.  In the meantime, these recognitions will continue to be available to Sea Scouts and Sea Scouters, as appropriate.

What about eligibility for other advancement, awards, and recognitions?

The Sea Scout Resolution didn’t change the eligibility for other advancement, awards, and recognition programs.  For example, the Eagle Scout rank will continue to be available to Sea Scouts who achieved First Class rank in a Boy Scout Troop.  General BSA awards, such as Religious Emblems, Nova Awards, BSA Lifeguard, etc., will continue to be available to Sea Scouts.

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