National Flagship Banner- 2012IRVING, TX -The Sea Scout Ship Albatross has been selected as the 2012 National Flagship by the Boy Scouts of America. 2012 is the 100-year anniversary of the Sea Scout program, which will be celebrated by over 7000 Sea Scouts and their communities throughout the United States.

BoatUS and Sea Scouts, BSA recognizes Sea Scout Ship 72, S.S.S. Albatross from Martinez, California, chartered by Security Owners Corporation of the Mt. Diablo Silverado Council as the recipient of the 2012 National Flagship Award. The award was created by BoatUS in 2002 to mark the 90th anniversary of Sea Scouts. It is presented in recognition of excellence in program quality, youth achievement, and adult commitment. It is these attributes, as reflected by the S.S.S. Albatross and its exemplary program of seamanship and youth development, that we honor them with this award.

A heartfelt congratulation goes to Ship Boatswain Catherine Murphy-Bevan, Skipper Adam Mollwitz, and the dedicated S.S.S. Albatross crew and adult volunteers. The S.S.S, Albatross name will be inscribed on a perpetual trophy now on display at the National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas. An identical trophy will be presented to the ship’s leadership at the 60th Ancient Mariner Regatta, onboard the USS Hornet, in Alameda California.

As a part of the Ship’s qualifications, they met or exceeded all national standards as a part of their application for consideration. The ship’s quarterdeck and skipper completed a full application and provided support through written summary of their accomplishments and activities they participated in during this past year.

Since 1932, the Sea Scouts have been an active part of the Martinez Community, and the Western Region. This year the ship is participating in the Relay for Life, as well as hosting two Regattas.

The Albatross Sea Base, with the help of the crew, parents, and the adult staff, has become the training center for several units of the area. The Albatross main training vessel is a 65 foot ex-Navy torpedo Retriever from 1968, aptly named “Albatross”. Their other training vessels include a ski boat named “Little Tross”, a runabout named “Tadpole”, a whaleboat named “Shanagagines”, and other small sail and powerboats.

The co-ed Albatross crew works hard and plays hard: learning to maintain their boat; learn new skills; and compete in a wide array of events. A few highlights of their activities include:

  • Achieved the Gold level of the Journey to Excellence national award for 2011.
  • 100 % of their youth members advanced in rank, or advanced during the year
  • Increased their youth membership by a net of 17%
  • 45% of their youth members achieved Ordinary rank or higher, including one Quartermaster
  • An average of 90 % of their members attended their ship activities annually
  • The crew participated in over 50 on-the-water activities during the year. Including a 10 day Summer Cruise
  • Maintained their Boat and Sea Base, including installing a new cabin top for their crew’s quarters.
  • 6 community service projects were held as a ship , such as color guards and cleaning up the local water front
  • Competed in 8 Regattas through out the region; hosted 2 Regattas; participated in Safety at Sea at Yerba Buena Island; participated in many more active meetings and months of events too numerous to mention.

An official Sea Scout SALUTE goes to Ship 72, S.S.S. Albatross for their efforts. We wish them well as they continue to promote water safety and provide a quality Sea Scout program to the youth of their area.