The National Sea Scout Leadership Award, first presented last year, is awarded to Sea Scouts and Scouters who show exceptional dedication and give outstanding leadership and service to Sea Scouting at the National Level.

Sea Scout Leadership Awards are also presented at the council, area and regional levels. Nomination instructions can be found here.

The 2018 class of National Sea Scout Leadership Award includes:

T.W. Cook

T.W. has made a palpable contribution to the Sea Scout program on a national level. In his capacity as Southern Region Commodore, he has lead the way with developing a team, data collection, and data analysis aimed at encouraging the founding of new ships and creating retention. His leadership in these areas is being replicated by the other regions and regional staff.

T.W.’s leadership can be felt in his contributions to at least four of the six National Committee action groups where his ideas, writing and editing make it into our training, publications, communications, and new initiatives.

T.W. is a selfless volunteer with uncommon insight and an unfailing dedication to the youth in the Sea Scout program.

Mercedes Matlock

Mercedes served as the 2017-2018 National Sea Scout Boatswain. During her tenure she engaged Sea Scouts throughout the country and involved the Region Boatswain’s in establishing several national focus groups. Since October 2017 she has served as a youth member of the National Boy Scouts of America Executive Board where she serves on several committees and task forces that support the needs of Sea Scouting.

The groundwork that Mercedes laid has created new avenues for youth involvement at the National level. Future generations of Sea Scout leadership will benefit because of the Mercedes’ passion and tenacity to move the Sea Scout program forward.

Charles D Wurster

As the National Commodore and Chairman of the National Sea Scout Committee, Charlie always looks at what it would take to move us ahead. He guided us through our 100th anniversary celebration in 2012 and set our course in our second century.

During his tenure as the National Commodore, he has provided leadership in guiding the committee to update our website, create an readily obtainable uniform, rewrite and overhaul our Sea Scout manual twice, and foster updates to the advancement requirements to include paddlesports and scuba activities. These accomplishments, and many others, set the stage to make the Sea Scout program a stand-alone program along-side Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing.

In the past ten years Sea Scouts has evolved to answer the needs of youth in a swiftly changing world, and Charlie has been a leading force in responding to change while maintaining the principles and traditions which have made Sea Scouts such a great program over the past century.

Photo: Reece Kilbey