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Sea Scouts may now apply to sail on the Coast Guard’s sail training vessel, the USCGC EAGLE. To be considered for this program, the application available on the National Sea Scout page ( must be submitted to the following website no later than March 31, 2024

This program is administered under the guidance of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Cost will vary depending primarily on transportation costs. Meal costs should be around $70, and program specific uniform items will be available for purchase (should not exceed $200).


Since this program has been in existence, up to 10 Sea Scouts each year have had the opportunity to sail in the EAGLE, a steel hulled fully rigged ship that has served the Coast Guard as a sail training vessel since 1947. Homeported in New London, CT, the home of the US Coast Guard Academy (USCGA), EAGLE has trained thousands of Coast Guard officers (and others) over the years.

In addition to sailing with Academy cadets, you will also sail with Sea Cadets, students from the other service academies, and officer candidates from other countries. You will be fully integrated into the crew, working side by side with the other trainees. This is not a pleasure cruise – you will be standing watch, climbing the rigging, hauling on lines, and any other ship’s work that may be assigned. 

Also note that EAGLE is a military vessel with a military galley (kitchen). There are no provisions to accommodate personnel or guests with food allergies or special dietary restrictions; nor may personnel or guests bring their own food. The medical facilities aboard EAGLE are very limited; a severe allergic reaction while at sea would be life-threatening for the patient and diversion to shore-side medical resources would disrupt the ship’s training mission.

To apply, students should be:

  1. A U.S. citizen {dual citizenship is fine);
  2. Between 15 and 21 years of age;
  3. Physically fit, in good health, with weight proportional to height;
  4. Of good moral character;
  5. Academically successful with demonstrated leadership skill;
  6. Achievement outside the classroom; and
  7. Covered by health insurance.

All participants will be required to sign the EAGLE’s Release & Waiver of Liability & Indemnity Agreement form and Guest Medical Questionnaire prior to participating in this program. Sea Scouts will not use this program to imply Federal, DoD, Homeland Security, or USCGA endorsement of Sea Scouts or its events.

Sea Scouts & Auxiliary desired outcome: Identify highly qualified Sea Scouts who would benefit from this training opportunity.

Pass the word and encourage our Scouts to apply today!

Important note – you’ll need to use the form here to upload your application – please don’t send it via email!

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