The BoatUS National Flagship celebrates a Sea Scout Ship that represents the best of the 4 S’s of Sea Scouts BSA: Scouting, Seamanship, Service, and Social. This year that honor goes to the Sea Scout Ship Seafarers Commitment, Ship 1959, from the Baltimore Area Council and chartered by the Seafarers Foundation, Inc. Please join us in congratulating Skipper Derrick Cogburn and his amazing Sea Scouts. All are encouraged to Ship 1959’s Flagship video application.  

Meet the Seafarers Commitment

The Seafarers Commitment found many ways to excel during the Covid-19 pandemic. First charted in 2019, Ship 1959 recognized the successes of their Sea Scouts with a virtual 2020 Bridge of Honor. The event was covered by SpinSheet Magazine, one of the leading magazines covering the Chesapeake Bay. One of the dignitaries who attended was a 92-year old Sea Scout alumni, who represented his ship in DC at the 1937 National Jamboree, and was one of the few African Americans scouts who attended.

I am incredibly proud of Ship 1959 for receiving the National Flagship Award.  This award represents the teamwork and passion demonstrated by our ship and the amazing adult leaders who have continuously supported Ship 1959.  It is amazing to see how my own shipmates have developed their leadership skills throughout this year and I cannot wait to see where it will take us.  Our ship is looking forward to participating in keelboat races, preparing for our long cruise, and sailing our dinghies this summer.

Izzy Fadullon, 2020 Boatswain, Ship 1959

Sea Scouts in Action

Ship 1959’s on the water program includes everything from kayaks, to small boat sailing, to sailing vessels longer than 26’, and power boats over 26’ feet. Their adventures included training for the Koch Cup in C420s; sailing aboard the SV Transcend from Watergate Pointe Marina in Back Creek to Whitehall Bay outside Annapolis Harbor; partnering with the Severn River Association to cruise aboard a center cockpit powerboat to deliver oyster spat to a specified Lat/Long on the Severn River; and multiple kayak outings. The Sea Scouts also partnered with the Annapolis Maritime Museum to participate in a restoration project for the Thomas Point Lighthouse.

Words from the Skipper

It is a tremendous honor to be selected as the 2021 National Flagship. Knowing the level of excellence our sister ships represent around the country, we are humbled to have been chosen. We welcome the opportunity to deepen our collaboration with the Flagship Fleet, within the Baltimore Area Council, NST12, with our National Quarterdeck, and with ships nationwide. I want to thank our chartered organization, the Seafarers Foundation, the historic Seafarers Yacht Club, US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 24-09, the Annapolis Maritime Museum, Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Association, and all our partner organizations and collaborators. We could not have done this without your myriad contributions.  

– Dr. Derrick L. Cogburn, Founding Skipper, Ship 1959 “Seafarers Commitment”.

The Sea Scouts of the Seafarers Commitment found new ways to connect with Sea Scouts across the United States, including holding virtual meetings with Sea Scouts in Puerto Rico and Texas. Moreover, the immediate past Boatswain Izzy helped create The Lookout’s Podcast, the official Sea Scout Podcast, in addition to recording a Sea Scout overview video now used for recruiting and new Ship materials, AND was the first Sea Scout to produce a sailing webinar based on Sea Scout advancement, that incorporated recorded footage during a live webinar.  Izzy was accepted to both the Coast Guard and Naval Academies, and will be reporting to the Naval Academy this summer.

Praise from the National Commodore

“2020 was an incredibly challenging year for Scouting yet many of our ships found creative ways to continue to provide a superb program despite everything. The really great ships like Seafarer’s Commitment harnessed the creativity of their youth leadership to sail uncharted waters and invent new kinds of programs based on collaboration and innovation. They are a great example of all Scouting can be.” 

National Sea Scout Commodore TW Cook

Follow Ship 1959’s Adventures

Seafarers Commitment represents the best of Sea Scouting. Please join us in congratulating them on being named the 2021 BoatUS National Sea Scout Flagship. To follow their adventures on Instagram and Twitter, just search for @ship1959. 

The 2021 Flagship Fleet

The National Flagship Fleet recognizes Sea Scout Ships with outstanding program. These Ships have amazing consistent weekly activities where Sea Scouts get on the water, earn advancement, and have fun.

Ship 100, Atlanta Area Council

Sea Scout Ship 100 is chartered by the South Winds 100, Inc., and ended 2020 with 22 registered Sea Scouts. Their adventures included multiple days of sailing, hosting Sailing and Motorboating Merit Badge Clinics, and sailed in the Frostbite Race, in addition to earning Sea Scout advancement.

SSS Centennial, Denver Area Council

The Sea Scout Ship Centennial, Ship 444, is chartered by the First Presbyterian Church in Littleton, Colorado and ended 2020 with 20 registered Sea Scouts. Their annual program included kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, small boat sailing, tubing and white water rafting. Centennial’s Long Cruise was at Summer Camp at Lake Wellington for on the water fun. Five Sea Scouts from Ship 444 attended SEAL and the Sea Scouts combined had over 1400 services hours.

SSS Heatwave, Ship 450, Las Vegas Area Council

The Sea Scout Ship Heatwave is chartered by the Lake Havasu Divers Association. The Little Ship in the Desert has a robust program of small boat sailing, small power boats, stand-up paddleboards, kayaking, and SCUBA. The Sea Scouts of the Heatwave took a Quartermaster Long Cruise, 16 mile canoe trip, and a dive trip to Lake Mohave for training course at 60 foot depth. They had numerous service projects, ranging from food banks to cleaning local waterways.

Congratulations to the 2021 National Flagship and Fleet. We encourage ALL Sea Scout Ships to apply for the 2022 National Flagship, so be sure to document your adventures this summer with photos and video.